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Olympus em5 ii hack or firmware update for improved video quality?
  • I am looking to buy my first real video camera and liked the look of the em5ii. especially because of that amazing stabilization. Unfortunately when I looked at some sample video it looked pretty bad. Is it possible a firmware update or a hack like the one on the gh2 could improve the quality of this otherwise great camera?

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  • there is no new hack activity anymore. if you want a new feature, then you should buy a new camera. in hand of those who capable, even a hacked GH1 could produce nice footage with the helps of lighting and quality sound editing

  • Huh maybe I'm overestimating the camera, but it seems like it would be pretty amazing with a hack. There is currently no other sensor stabilized camera that can be had for that cheap(500 bucks with a kit lens used) that has more profesional features and build quality. Anyone who can hack this camera would be very popular with the enthusiast video crowd.

  • That's the route I went. Even though I have a E-M5 (Mk1), I picked up a used GH1 for the sole purpose of being hacked, because it'll produce a much higher capture than my measly 20mbit on the E-M5.

    And the last time there was a rumor of hacking the E-M5 was nearly 4 years ago and nothing came of it.

    At least the E-M5 Mark 2 is alongside the E-M1 in receiving firmware updates with new "features", though not as often as the E-M1 it seems.

  • @bokehman64 ....apparently u underestimate by a magnitude of 100 what it takes to hack a camera. I'd be looking at the gx80