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Optimal Mac Settings for Film Edit - Performanc and Exporting
  • Hey guys,

    Thought I'd get your advice and opinions on setting up a new mac for feature film editing. I've been on a Windows machine for some time now, and went through the process of determining the best settings for performance, and the best settings for export. My goal is optimal quality, particularly with export quality. So do you guys have preferred settings you use on your macs for the best editing and exporting results? Will be using FCP 7, FCP X, After Effects, Audition. Also any thoughts on antivirus - needed or not, conflicts with FCP or not?

    Thanks, Matt

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  • There is really nothing to set up on the OS level. On modern machines you would not get any significant difference in performance by fiddling with OS animations and eye candy stuff.

    Forget antivirus :)