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Second Lens adapter on a speedbooster / focal reducer mount?
  • Hey, quick question. Focal reducers convert a camera mount to modern mount, however I use only vintage lenses and I had the question wether you could adapt from the focal reducer mount to different lens mounts by adding an additional adapter. I don't think this would work but maybe somebody can explain it to me.

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  • I believe if you get a high quality adapter you could achieve this.

    If the flange focal distance of the secondary adapter is correct you should be able to get infinity focus. Of course many cheap adapters are not precisely designed or manufactured.

    If you make the purchase please post results. I've considered doing the same many times.

    The explanation: You have to make the focal distance between the camera lens and focal reducer what is "expected" by the design of the focal reducer in order for it to achieve infinity focus. Depending on the lens you want to adapt it could be as simple as a spacer that corrects for the back focal distance to something that includes additional optical elements.