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Ordering USB-sticks with content - experiences?
  • If anyone has ordered USB-sticks for their video content (in greater quantity than can be made "by hand") I'd be very happy to know your experiences..
    a) where did you order?
    b) what did you use it for?
    c) how much did you pay / stick?
    d) are you happy with what you got?
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  • You can always use one of these, and have higher control over content etc...
    However there are many many companies that offer what you want, shop around I would say and price match.
    11 bay usb dup.jpg
    200 x 200 - 7K
  • "many many companies that offer what you want"
    Yes, it's a jungle! Which is why I started the thread in first place..
    If you invest pretty big money then you don't want to invest in just anyone.

    I've tried asking for quotes e.t.c. but it is very arduous. (And difficult in early planning stages when you make a budget or similar - many do not respond if the query is half-unspecified)
  • @RRRR
    I think unless other people have had experience with this, you are really going to have to let your mouse do the walking and create a database of potential companies that provide this service.

    Coming from CD/DVD/Blu-ray replication experiences, there are only a few places that do this 'in-shop' as most are farmed out to OS.

    Before we go any further- how many units are we talking about? 100? 200? 2000?

    And why have you chosen the USB route - not Blu-Ray- or DVD?
  • @alcomposer
    1000 and upwards.. (1000 + 500 for this particular thing)

    Yup, there's a lot of work for such a small thing!
    USB is a lot nicer than dead memory discs. It really increases the possibilities for interactive stuff - but in this case - above all: it's symbolical. Also - it will look good. (It will be a part of a book)