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I need an answer. What is the best hack for the GH2?
  • I realize there are several threads in the same vain as this, but the conclusion in every single one of them is "try a bunch, use what you like".

    Unfortunately, I don't have the time or ambition to try loads of different patches, and I would really love if someone could give a solid answer as to what the best patch is. The answer of "it's a matter of personal preference" is a cop-out, and in my opinion is incorrect. A better image, is a better image.

    I've done a lot of research, and it appears Moon T8 is a popular option but I've also seen this video on Youtube using the Intravenus hack which looks absolutely stunning.

    So, let's put an end to the ambiguity. What is the best hack for the GH2?

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  • Just choose one of those. The diffrence is hardly visible.

  • "Could someone please use absolute technical measurements to define which patch produces results most conforming to my opinion of the definition of a vague non-technical term like 'cinematic?'"

  • @eatstoomuchjam, ignore the word "cinematic". I've actually edited the post and removed it to make it easier. I'm looking for the patch with the best image quality.

    I agree, the vague blanket term of "cinematic" is annoying and thrown around far too much.

  • If you tell me what you'll be using it for (feature drama, documentary, nature, or sports etc.) and tell me your budget for lenses, I'll tell you my opinion on what hack settings, camera settings, and lenses will help you get that look. Also, if you have any clips of movies/video that has your preferred look, that will help. (Goes without saying that lighting and composition is critical element of reaching your goal.)

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks. I tend to do documentary shorts, and short films. As far as the lenses go, I've already spent quite a bit of money on a Sigma 18-35 1.8 and Metabones Speedbooster Ultra. I also have the Panasonic 14-45mm F3.5-5.6.

    As far as the look I'm looking for, probably something similar to Uncle John, and Demolition.

    On a side note, do you have any idea how the guy in the video I linked to in the OP managed to get those stable yet "wobbly" shots on the GH2?

  • Moon T7. If you need clip spanning for long recordings you will need to look at GOLGOP13 and others.

  • I'd say try Moon T5 or Moon T7 with the Sigma lens. Camera settings to Smooth all -2, except saturation at 0. Also try Standard instead of Smooth. Then try Moon T8 with the Panasonic lens, and also try the 2 recommended camera settings. I'm not sure about the wobbly but smooth footage , but it kinda looks like handheld footage that was edited with Adobe Warp Stabilizer which can lead to slight distortions at times like we see in the images in this video. Just a guess though. (Since you liked Intavenous, you can try the Intravenous v1 setting and Intavenous v2 setting if you want.) Best of luck.

  • After many hacks - specialy fond to Canis Mayoris Night and Moon T7-T8 - I have to recomend last Apefos hacks above all, including PP curve and NeatVideo presets from this great contributor.

  • I was really a big fan of Canis Majoris and sedna (both from driftwood). But i sold my gh2 before i ever tried moon (bought a7s)

  • Moon T7 stunning picture - can occasionally fail due to very high bitrates - use stellar cards;

    Flow Motion - good for sports;

    Sanity - good for must get shots - i.e. documentaries.

  • I was particularly interested in low-light shadow quality. In that regard, CM Night is much better than Moon T7, Apefos's The End Intra is even better than CM Night, with finer grain matrice and smoother dinamic distribution. Really wonderful achievement.

  • Depends on whether you're more concerned with intra-frame pixel-peeping or inter-frame motion artifacting. The skeleton in the closet is how the macroblock structure of H.264 video is concealed by the deblocking filter, which literally smoothes over the seams no one wants to see. It's an artful illusion only tangentally based on objective reality, which our eyes reconstruct on their terms anyway.

    For those interested, I still use Flow Motion v2.02, but not for the absolute "best" in image quality. What I need for multi-cam event shooting is a compact B-cam that will record 1080p unattended for as long as the event lasts. At 60Mbps, the GH2 in 24L mode will crank out plenty good footage until the SD card is full. There are surprisingly few DSLR's that can match this seemingly modest feat.

  • @LPowell Thanks for your insight! I'm about to do my first Gh2 hack and sounds like your requirements match mine, ie multi-cam event recordings( up to an hour) and reliable recording unattended. Less concerned about "the best quality" and more about the reliability.

    Any thoughts on matching the colours for GH4 or GH5? I currently use the using cine-v profile.

  • What are your goals? From any of the hacked ones to any of the official ones! Any!

  • Best hack was moot t8 mont t7, not that stable but the better image overall. Been using it almost 7 years still holding on. The structure of the noise and color is better all arround.

  • The best hack is the one that will get you the most money when you sell it on eBay.

  • GH2 is still a camera worth having with the right patch IMHO. I have a Nikon Z6.. Yes the image quality from the Nikon is comparatively stellar in nearly all respects... But, the GH2 with a good patch has no banding, no antialising, and no moire that my eyes can detect. The nikon only ticks 1 of those three boxes.

    Any intra patch will give you great quality assuming it doesn't freeze, and for me personally the Sedna packs were the best. They were prone to freezing, and I often wonder how they would hold up with a modern high speed card. I know the camera had limitations too, but still would be nice to see. I am a broken ribbon cable replacement away from using my GH2 again someday. I think I would gift it to an aspiring friend or family member before selling it, still better than so much out there.