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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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    • 16mp m43 CMOS sensor without low pass filter
    • Sensor based 5-axis stabilization, around 5 stops
    • Improved 2.36Mpix OLED EVF
    • 3" 1Mdot LCD
    • Dual IS to work with lens IS improved to V2
    • 4kp30, p24, 1080p60,p50 recording in MP4 up to 100Mbit, recording with 422 color encoding
    • 422 recording, but not 10 bit as GH5, only 8bit
    • 9fps shooting
    • SD card slot with latest UHS support
    • Usual Panasonic DFD tech
    • Microphone socket, headphone socket
    • Dust and water proof, magnesium body

    PV Deals

    • Body (black PAL, non EU, no limit) - $880 $799
    • 14-140mm Kit (black PAL, non EU, no limit) - $1180 $1099

    Both at

    US Amazon


    670 x 638 - 64K
    800 x 592 - 56K
    800 x 625 - 50K
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  • Wow before GH5.... Odd move?

  • Can be marketing move to compensate GH5 delay. I am just not sure that Panasonic have any marketing team anymore, at least I see no results of their work.

  • It'll probably have the GX80/85 features plus a mic jack.

  • @Tron And GH5 will have G8x features plus headphone jack and weather sealed body.

  • and better slowmo, vlog, better parametrs of hdmi output during recording. Happy, than I did't buy gx80, g series is golden mean for me

  • Hmm just got my GX85 to replace my G7 I might need to reevaluate my purchase at least it is well within my 30 days to decide.

  • As A G7 owner that LOVES his camera I would be very happy with an improved version!

  • Now rumors are changed, announcement is expected in September. All is pretty strange.

  • ll is pretty strange

    didn't you say panasonic didn't have a marketing team ? ...maybe they just now learned there was gonna be a photokina in sept !

  • One possible theory... they moved the GH5 up to August 22nd in order to steal some "thunder" from the 5D4 which is coming on August 25th. Then they pushed out the G80 to have something to debut at Photokina.

  • 6K, no question.

  • I think everyone is getting a little over the top with expectations. If they put everything that's in the GX85 into the G80 and than give us the best of the features we loved in the G7 it's going to hit a price point higher than the GX85. So maybe it won't be what your imagining or will cost more than you want to pay.

  • @Scot, the G7 was one of the more affordable Panasonics and prices dropped very quickly. If a G8 has the same or better Sensor to the GX85, i'll be jumping for joy. I've lived off the lower end Panasonics for years now and I expect that to continue. The G7 has been a major upgrade for me. The local jobs I get have never looked better and the camera is easy to use. If a G8 has even slightly better features I would be happy. I hope I make enough to go for a GH5 whenever that is released but for not the G7 or a G8 is closer to my budget.

  • @Aria I agree love my G7 it's a baby GH4 and was overlooked by many so price drop. That being said I also really love in camera stabilization. So I would love to see the G80 get stabilization and clean HDMI out as in the GX85. The point I was making if it gets those without losing anything it already has what will it cost?

  • @Scot, i'm guessing the G8 w lens will be about $825.00 on release. The G7 was $799.00 with kit lens when new.

  • I hope G8 will be the first Panasonic camera showing exposure values during video recording.

  • When the GH40 and the GM50?

  • Most probably around 2018

  • According to a trusted source the camera will record 4K at has 4:2:2 8bit on internal SD cards.


  • Any word on IBIS in this camera?

    Since I haven't heard anything, I am guessing this may not be included and perhaps it will be in the GH5. After using IBIS in the GX85, I can't see picking up another Panasonic body without it.

  • G80 a.k.a. GH5 for poors. Probably in the end of september we have the G80 and the GH5 official specs and price. Then we need to decide how much money can spend in a new body.

  • From 43rumors.

    (FT4) First info about the G8x camera:

    I got two more information about the new Panasonic G80 camera (name not confirmed yet) that will be announced on September 19:

    Source 1:

    “It isn’t an entry level G7/G70 – it’s a step up Weathersealing and next level Dual IS are the main feature improvements. 4:2:2 8bit recording on SD card!”

    Source 2:

    “It is basically a G7 updated to GX85 internal specs. They did not have the name nailed down at the meeting”

  • Press materials leaked

    I updated first post.

    Seems to be almost exact GH4 features but with 5 axis stab, just different design.

  • I wonder if the HDMI will still shut off when you hit record. That's one feature of the G7 I hate.