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  • Into the Full HD world, our GH2 camera and Panasonic processor have still much to give us. This new hack is based upon my personal Gop 1 development. But almost every single parameter has been adapted to match some original and extreme choices. I made all possible to get a neat and rich picture. It has been a step-by-step hard work. In particular the hbr mode was very difficult to manage. To tell the truth, I didn't touch the 1080i60 and 720p60 modes, which are taken by Apefos' The End patch.
    I hope that somebody will find useful and beautiful our new used GH2.
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  • Thank you for your work! What lenses tested this firmware?

  • Lumix Vario 14-42 made in China and 14-45 with OIS made in Japan

  • Why did you change the matrix in this (pana_lens) case? Previously it has been found that the native matrix with relatives lenses give the best result. Thank you!

  • I have changed a lot of things. Good or bad, just try it. Use top cards.

  • @vvv1151 Sorry, wrong information! This specific patch was tested only with Lumix lens 14-45 built in Mega OIS.

  • I did a look in the reloaded ini file and i need to say that almost everything is different from my settings. The matrices, the deblocking, the quantization, and other things are defferent compared to the end nr4 or my other patches.

  • @apefos Yes, it is a totaly different thing. It is mainly different from any other patch. But I took your gop table settings for 1080i60 and 720p60 modes. I didn't work at that.

  • I apologize, but you might have more details? This is superior to Flow motion V2? some videos where you can see some pictures? thank you

  • Version 2. More stable hbr. Different Gop time for 1080p24 (which gives 23,98fps files. Precedent version gives 24,04fps files).
  • @Jessy I am not saying this patch is superior to any other. Surely it is different. I am trying to get the best look in 24p. This is my goal.

    The second version should be slightly better and maybe more useful because of the 23,98fps. At least you have two choices (24,08 and 23,98 frames ps).

  • Just tried few video tests with RELOADED version 2 in 24L ISO640-1250. A lot of coarse noise and banding in mid-low indoor condition. Green lines in the lower end of the video frames during first few seconds on two tests. Other members opinion is needed.

  • @producer Thank you for the report.

    This work is in progress, I didn't test the patch in 24L. Soon I will upoload another patch, but let me know what's going on with this.

  • @producer I think it could be a problem of speed rate, too low.

    I will try to raise it up. Let me see.

  • Watch this file and look at the noise, banding and the flickering green line at the bottom in the first few seconds:

    Alternative link:

    Processed & tested with FilmVision Pro algorithm:

  • I remember long time ago the 5d mark ii camera was the moire aliasing pain in the ass. When canon released the 5d mark iii moire aliasing free, a guy decided to explode his 5d mark ii with a bomb to get rid of moire aliasing... and he showed this fun video on vimeo.

    The Premium Ultra HD 4k HDR is arriving soon in cameras... so you could improve your patch to destroy the beloved GH2 when the GH5 arrives... man you are almost there... a little more tweak and after the ongoing gren bar people can press rec and camera explodes...

    Better to use the sef timer rec (if any) to avoid losing hand in explosion...

  • Ok, let me play. I will later try to fix the noise 24L. Now what I'am concerned with, it is getting the best possible quality in 24H.

    Here is a test of the original Reloaded patch. Exploding, maybe, but also showing what the camera can do.

    The file expires in 7 days.

  • @frullaccia: Sorry for my mistake! My test was done exactly with 24H (no 24L).

  • @producer I see! And I suppose we can do better.

    You want a noisekiller, right? Take that file and make some change, like I did for this one attached (I don't think this last patch is working in daylight. I mean I don't know. It's only a test for 24H at night, because here is 1 A. M.).

    But this gives an idea of what is needed. For instance to low down this value: 1080p24 FB1=blablabla.

    It is an example, just to see what we can do. Use it at night.
  • I can fight with the noise in post, but the terrible banding in what I want to be fixed in your patch. Possible?

  • @producer. Something can be done, I think. But at a certain point banding is inevitable. Later I will raise up the bitrate of the patch in low light shots.

    Soon I will upload an improvement of this version.

  • I love this look.

  • @foolop Thank you. The camera can do much more, but we have limitations with sd cards.

    I am almost ready with new patches that I will upload in a new topic.

  • @frullaccia Thank you so much for the work you're doing, I am eager to try out new versions.