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Olfi 4K action cam with Sony Exmor-R sensor
  • Interesting and cheap new action cam - £125. Apparently, compatible with GOPRO accessories. It has some desirable features - Gyro image stabilisation, HDR mode, ISO limits can be set at 100, 400 and 1600. It also has option for automatic “Fisheye” reduction and frequency selection (50HZ - 60HZ). Video specs are quite OK too:

    4K  –  24fps  –  (3840×2160 pixels – interpolated from 2880×2160 pixels)
 2.5K  –  30fps  –  (2560×1440 pixels)
 1440p – 30fps – (1920×1440 pixels – produces super wide 4:3 aspect ratio)
 1080p  –  30/60fps  –  (1920×1080 pixels)
 720p  –  120fps  –  (1280×720 pixels)
 VGA  –  30fps  –  (640×480 pixels)

    More info at their site -

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  • This is more evidence for getting what you pay for. Action at 24 fps? Really? "Interpolated" 4K?

    The GoPro Hero 4 Black does 4K (UHD) at 30 fps (non-interpolated), and more interestingly, 2.5K at 60 fps, with choice of fov's. Does lack any stabilization.

  • Lot of such Chinese cameras exist. Some with stabilization even.

  • @markr041 - Agree. Looking forward to some footage. The Gyro is very appealing and if it is as effective as i hope, I would gladly sacrifice a bit of resolution to replace my aging HERO2.