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KQED Arts piece about Police Shooting, Gentrification, and Discplacement
  • I made this for KQED Arts, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It deals with the police shooting of Alex Nieto and the response of local youth through theatre to speak out about the intersection of gentrification and violence.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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  • I like this. Well done - good content, good shooting, good editing. How was it received?

  • I agree with matt_gh2, very good. Content, camerawork are excellent.

    Is this web only? Does it have a chance to be broadcast? If so to either, I have some very minor things I would add for feedback, just pertaining to a couple of editing things. As a guy who has submitted stuff to PBS before (although every member station is different), I would say: * Length could be whittled down. I noticed some edits could be tighter, but that's only to get into the typical TV interstitial range of around 3:14 or less. * Same goes for title safe. Your KQED bug is almost assuredly out of TS, and the bug also covered up one of your lower-thirds.

    Regardless of those things it is a very nice piece. Honestly, the one thing I thought you did really well (and must have been super challenging) is balance the sound, since a lot of the stuff in the performance I thought would be unusable. But you made it work!

  • @matt_gh2

    Thanks for watching and for the kind words! Sorry I somehow missed your reply so it took me a long time to respond. The video has been very well received overall, but of course with any topic this charged, you have very strong support from some, and eye rolling from others who see the world differently. Happily, I've mostly only heard about the former!

    @tfinn Thanks! Yes, this is web only. Not sure if it would ever be broadcast. Obviously, I'd love for that to happen, but I was asked to produce it for web uses, specifically for KQED Arts. It has since been picked up by PBS Newshour as well, again for online distribution:

    Thanks for pointing out the KQED bug when viewing.

    Regarding sound, thanks! I've been a musician (orchestra conductor and composer) for much longer than I've been a videographer, so I'm definitely picky about sound and have more experience with it. Capturing live theatre sound is NOT easy, so it's great to hear that it blended with the rest of the piece OK.