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Best GH2 hack for lack of noise
  • Hi all, had my GH2 hacked for about a week now. At first used the Senda hack, found all but a few shot capturing noise. Changed to the Quantum 9b hack today.. went out and got some sample shots in some woods. Still quite visible noise in most of the shots. All the time I've been having the ISO at 160 with white balance on indoor, as I've heard that the noise is mostly on the red channel and this setting uses more blue.

    Is it a common thing with GH2 at low ISO to have noticeable noise in mid to dark areas? Is it just a case of using neat video on every shot? I definitely notice a improvement of actual pic quality with the hacks, just the noise is annoying & lets the quality of the picture down for me.

    Is there a hack that reduces noise over others? Many thanks

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  • Increased bitrate makes noise more visible :-) As otherwise it is lost in compression.

    So, no such thing as noise suppression high bitrate ever existed.

  • So it's just a case of using neat video on it?

  • Jep. And it works better with less compressed footage.

  • Sorry @nomad it's like I'm following you... and maybe I am, juajuajua {doorbell}. Allgood

    @NegativeState the patches are not a magic wand, if the girl was ugly after the booze's evaporated she's gonna remain ugly, so better leave ASAP before she wakes up, burn your clothes and change your motorbike's plates. What I mean? I do not know, but I really mean it... anyway you may consider the whole situation as a learning process of sorts.

    If only focusing on the soft tissues - forgetting light, lenses, cam moves and technique and all possible physical limitations and hungry ghosts' interventions - Sedna is my second favourite patch (didn't test all the 666 different flavours) and number one with soft lenses and german sheperds. It is also second in my very esquizzo criteria of less noisy... or better said, easier to denoise. I do not use neatvideo unless I'm forced at pussy point, instead I'll soak (slight denoise+dither) the foliage with hybrid and ponny's dung.

    Where I loose my virginity and got STDs they often stick a now you can't say I never gave you anything, so I prepared a little package just 4 you {have to clear this peep hole}. In it there's a visual example (10 bit HEVC) of SOC footage that goes through 3 stages including grade to become usable/acceptable/enjoyable by my standards; yes I like my stuff grainy-dense, yes those are dead pixels; that reminded me to include a dead-pixel script for AE =) It is not a tuto by any means, a tease example, an amnesiac last spuff. Also included a proRES 35mm Perf - 2k file, one of the layers I'ld use on top of the cake, just to catch the children's gaze.

    Sticky notes: patches = free, hybrid/avisynth = free, thinking/testing/analyzing = free , RM = free, ffmpeg = free, reading the uncountable PV pages of user tests, experince, recommendations, examples, feedback = free, davinci resolve = free, natron/fussion = free, plenty stock scans' grain = free, mpv/madvr = free, handbrake/megui/StaxRip = free, etcetera = free

    image that can be read in many interesting ways