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Panasonic GX80, GX85, or even GX7 Mark II in Japan
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    Preliminary specs

    • 16Mp m43 CMOS sensor, no AA filter
    • 2.7Mp EVF
    • Sensor based 5 axis stabilization
    • 3" tilting touch screen
    • Wi-Fi
    • No microphone and headphone jack, only HDMI output
    • 8fps continuous shooting, 6fps with C-AF
    • 4Kp24, 4Kp25, 4Kp30, 100Mp max, 1080p60 at 50Mp.
    • Silent Mode, Multiple Exposure
    • Available in Black, Silver, Tan
    • Manufacturer price $799 for 12-32mm kit, UK - £509 body only, £599 with 12-32mm

    • Cheaper and better offer (unlimited ones!) at

    540 x 310 - 30K
    800 x 472 - 65K
    724 x 471 - 51K
    693 x 418 - 37K
    742 x 400 - 35K
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  • PR

    Panasonic is proud to introduce a new Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, the LUMIX DMC-GX85 (GX85) for camera enthusiasts or anyone looking for an alternative to bulky DSLRs, that delivers lighter, more intelligent, uncompromising results. Nearly half the size of most DSLRs, the GX85 delivers impressive large sensor performance in the most compact camera system ever designed by Panasonic LUMIX. Thanks to the elimination of the low pass filter, its fine detail resolving power is boosted nearly 10% over previous 16-Megapixel sensors.

    The LUMIX GX85 incorporates a new 5-axis Dual I.S. (Image Stabilizer) for more effective suppression of blur. Combining an O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer, 2-axis) and a B.I.S.(Body Image Stabilizer, 5-axis), the 5-axis Dual I.S. compensates for a larger range of movement than ever before. Users can enjoy blur-free photo/video shooting from wide to tele, even in low light situations.

    The 16.0-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor without a Low Pass filter and the new Venus Engine combine to achieve crisp, high resolution images in detail with high contrast, impressive color reproduction. The LUMIX GX85 adopts a new electromagnetic drive in the shutter unit. The shock caused by the movement of shutter diaphragm is dramatically reduced and the shutter sound is also minimized. The Contrast AF System features DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology and excels in both speed and accuracy by exchanging the digital signal between the camera and the lens at max. 240 fps, resulting in ultra-fast auto focusing of approx. 0.07 sec*. A variety of extensive AF functions including Face/Eye Detection AF, Pinpoint AF, One-shot AF and advanced Low Light AF enhance usability to comply with wide-ranging shooting situations.

    The GX85 integrates a LVF (Live View Finder) with 2764K-dot equivalent high resolution and approx. 100% color reproduction*. This 16:9 Wide Screen LVF boasts approx.1.39x / 0.7x (35mm camera equiv.) magnification and 100% field of view. The new 3.0-inch large, approx.1040K-dot high resolution static-type touch monitor with approx. 100% of field of view tilts up by 80-degrees and down by 45-degrees which enables shooting at either high or low angle even easier.

    For even more creative photography, the LUMIX GX85 integrates the new L.Monochrome mode in Photo Style that offers impressive monochrome capture with rich gradation comparable to that of B/W film. Focus Bracket and Aperture Bracket are also new additions to conventional Exposure Bracket and WB Brackets that allow users to choose the best shot later. Thanks to its Wi-Fi® connectivity, users can connect the camera to their smartphone / tablet to expand the flexibility in shooting/storing/sharing images.

    4K capability bringing the evolution in videography/photography – 4K video and 4K PHOTO

    Taking advantage of the high speed signal readout capability of the sensor and high speed signal processing, the LUMIX GX85 is capable of recording 4K video. Despite its high performance, it boasts superior energy efficiency and the size is kept compact for high mobility. The LUMIX GX85 records stunningly smooth, high-resolution 4K video in 3840 x 2160 at 30p or 24p in addition to the full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 60p (60 Hz) videos with practical full-time AF.

    Thanks to this 4K technology, users can enjoy 4K PHOTO which users can capture the fleeting photo opportunities at 30 fps by extracting the most appealing frame. Three exclusive modes are available to choose from depending on the situation; 4K Burst, 4K Burst (Start/Stop) and 4K Pre-burst. All these function in 4K PHOTO enable saving pictures in 8-megapixel equivalent high resolution.

    The LUMIX GX85 comes with the Post Focus function that enables users to select an in-focus area even after shooting. You can get multiple shots with different focus points with a single shutter release to choose from. It is helpful in situations such as macro shooting where severe focusing is required or for changing expressions by changing focused subject. This function has been developed by combining the DFD (Depth From Defocus) auto focus technology that enables measuring the distance to the subject and the 4K technology. Operation is quite simple and easy – just shoot an image in a Post Focus mode and touch on the point where you want to set focus while playing it back.

    In addition, the LUMIX GX85 incorporates the Light Composition function as a new option of 4K PHOTO mode. The camera synthesizes the images by choosing and saving a brighter pixel. This makes it possible to produce a more luxurious, dramatic image of situations such as fireworks or night scenery in camera with ease.

    The LUMIX GX85 also enables 4K Live Cropping in video that yields stable panning or zooming while video recording. In panning shots, you can just set the viewing angle to start and end to get smooth panning imagery without using special equipment such as a slider. When zooming, you can set the after-zoomed viewing angle first, so that the subject can fit perfectly in the frame. Thanks to the digital operation, the imagery of zooming is smooth because it does not physically move the zoom lens.

    Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 29 minutes and 59 seconds or the file size exceeds 4GB with [MP4] in [FHD] [HD] [VGA].

    New 5-Axis Dual I.S. (Image Stabilizer) to be free of blur

    The LUMIX GX85 incorporates the new 5-axis Dual I.S.(Image Stabilizer) for more effective suppression of blur. Combining an O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer, 2-axis) and a B.I.S.(Body Image Stabilizer, 5-axis), the 5-axis Dual I.S. compensates for larger movement which was conventionally uncontrollable, making it possible to use 4-step slower shutter speed*1. By making the most of both O.I.S and B.I.S., it is highly beneficial not only in wide angle but also in telephoto and in the adverse situations such as at nighttime or with one-hand shooting.

    The 5-axis Dual I.S. works in both photo and motion picture recording including 4K video. Panasonic LUMIX G DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) Cameras offer a wide variety of digital interchangeable lenses and most of them will comply with this 5-axis dual I.S. in LUMIX GX85 and the B.I.S. compensates for the camera movement even when a lens without O.I.S. is used.

    The high image quality with real-to-life detail and impressive color reproduction

    The LUMIX GX85 lets users shoot vibrant, true-to-life high quality images with excellent resolution, high contrast and impressive color reproduction. Removing the Low Pass Filter, the limiting resolution is improved by approx.10%* while detecting high frequency components to suppress generation of moiré by the Venus Engine, is designed for the GX85.The Venus Engine reproduces vibrant, impressive color such as clear sky by dividing hue, saturation, and luminosity, and finely adjusts them separately. Taking advantage of this fine tuning capability, LUMIX GX85 enables users to choose a preset of contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction as they choose according to the shooting subject in Photo Style. Notably, L Monochrome is a new option added to the Photo Style, making it possible to shoot impressive monochrome photo with deep black and rich gradation like that of B/W film.

    The combination of the Digital Live MOS Sensor and the Venus Engine achieves clear image rendering with minimum noise even in low-lit situations and at max. ISO 25,600.

    The LUMIX GX85 adopts an electromagnetic drive in the shutter unit. The shock caused by the movement of shutter diaphragm is dramatically reduced by approx. 90% in comparison with a conventional spring-powered shutter units.

    High speed response and practical AF/MF options

    The Contrast AF in the GX85 achieves even higher speed and higher precision focusing with digital signal communication at max. 240 fps. Furthermore, the DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology1 calculates the distance to the subject by evaluating 2 images with different sharpness level while consulting the data of optical characteristics of the current lens. As a result, the GX85 achieves ultra-high speed AF of approx.0.07 sec2 and high speed burst shooting at 8 fps (AFS) / 6 fps (AFC) to capture fast moving subject in-focus.

    The Low Light AF makes it possible to set focus on the subject more precisely even without AF assist lamp in extremely low-lit situations to -4EV, which is as dark as moonlight. Plus, the GX85 integrates Starlight AF which allows users to shoot a star in the sky at night with auto focus. This can be achieved by accurate calculation of contrast value in a smaller AF zone.

    A total of 49 focus detection areas offers more flexible composition together with Custom Multi AF mode in which users can freely select the blocks to focus out of the 49 in the focusing area. In addition to the conventional Face Recognition AF, the GX85 incorporates Face / Eye Detection AF which automatically sets focus right on the eye of human face. With the Pinpoint AF, users can magnify the target area to set precise focus.

    Intuitive control for operational comfort

    The GX85 integrates a LVF (Live View Finder) with 2764K-dot equivalent high resolution and approx.100% color reproduction*. This 16:9 Wide Screen LVF boasts approx.1.39x / 0.7x (35mm camera equiv.) magnification and 100% field of view. It comes with the Eye Sensor and the Eye Sensor AF and starts auto focusing by just looking into the LVF not to miss the shooting opportunity.

    The 3.0-inch large, approx.1040K-dot high resolution static-type touch monitor has approx. 100% of field of view. It tilts up by 80-degrees and down by 45-degrees which enables shooting in either high or low angle even easier.

    To further enhance the controllability, the GX85 comes with thick, solid grip for stable holding even in one hand. The front/rear dual dial system enables direct setting - for example, users can adjust white balance with a front dial and set ISO with a rear dial while choosing the shutter speed or seeing the noise effect, which is helpful in complex lighting situations.

    Other Features

    Exposure / WB / Focus / Aperture Bracket NEW

    In the LUMIX GX85, Focus Bracket and Aperture Bracket are new additions to conventional Exposure Bracket and WB Brackets for users to choose the best shot later. In Focus Bracket, max.999 images can be shot with different focus points. The Aperture Bracket lets users have multiple shots with a different depth of field.

    Creative Control in P/A/S/M Mode

    The GX85 integrates a variety of artistic functions that adds fun to digital photography. The popular Creative Control mode features a total of 22 filter options. The effect parameter of each mode is also adjustable. Now it is possible to apply one of these filters even in P/A/S/M mode. Users can combine a favorable setting and filter to make specific effect.. Also theGX85 is capable of taking pictures “with” and “without” filter effect simultaneously, so that users can compare them and choose later.

    Easy Wireless Connectivity via Wi-Fi® with Smartphones

    The LUMIX GX85 integrates Wi-Fi® connectivity (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) to offer more flexible shooting experience and instant image sharing with easy operation. Once connecting the camera and smartphone/tablet installing Panasonic's dedicated application software Panasonic Image App for iOS / Android, users can shoot / browse / share images remotely.

  • The owners of the GX8 need an upgrade that implements V-LOG.

  • the rumor sites are reporting on-sensor stabilization ? And if your price is correct, it will upset the market.

  • @kurth

    Mine info can be about next cheaper camera not this, we will see.

  • April fool's price info

  • Quick GX7 vs GX80(85?) Size Comparison.

    497 x 283 - 560K
    532 x 223 - 438K
  • GX85(80?) vs GM5, GX8, GX7 Size Comparison.

    1222 x 1177 - 381K
  • Specs

    • 16 million pixels CMOS m43 sensor
    • No low-pass filter (resolving power is 10% improved)
    • Ultrasonic Dust Removal
    • 5-axis sensor based stab. Dual stab with addition of 2-axis OIS.
    • Sensor based stab works in video also
    • 4K30p 100Mbps. Full HD / 60p 28Mbps
    • Recording time: when the rear monitor used in the 4K / 30p is about 80 minutes. EVF when using about 70 minutes.
    • Wi-Fi
    • EVF 2.76m dots OLED. Magnification 1.39x (35mm equivalent 0.7x). Eye point is 17.5mm
    • Eye sensor
    • Contrast AF with DFD technology.
    • 1728 zone multi-pattern metering (EV0-18)
    • ISO200-25600 (extension ISO100)
    • Shutter speed is 60 seconds -1/4000 seconds. Electronic shutter 1 sec -1/16000 seconds
    • Synchro speed is 1/160 seconds
    • In the camera RAW development
    • 3" 1.04 million dots LCD monitor. Tilting. Touch panel.
    • Continuous (mechanical shutter): 8 frames / sec in the AFS, 6 frames / second in the AFC
    • Continuous (electronic shutter): AFS at 10 frames / second, 6 frames second in the AFC
    • Total shots in series -13 in RAW, and more than 100 shots in the JPEG (depending on the card speed and image size)
    • 4K Photo mode, 4K burst, 4K pre-burst
    • 4K post focus mode
    • Built-in flash. Guide number 4.2 (ISO100)
    • USB and HDMI connectors.
    • External microphone connector.
    • 290 shots battery life in the time of monitor use. EVF 270 shots at the time of use
    • 122mm x 70.6mm x 43.9mm
    • Weight - 426 grams ( with SD card and battery). 383 g (body only)


  • 5 Axis IS works in 4K video too

  • Well, indicate that the price is 799 usd. So sure the price will halt interest of some owner of old lumix.

  • Review

    There are a large number of video options including photo styles, filter options (creative effects), 4K live cropping, snap movie, format (MP4 / AVCHD), manual modes, focus, continuous AF, metering, highlight / shadow, iDynamic, iResolution, diffraction compensation, ex tele converter, digital zoom, stabiliser (IS, e-stabilisation options, focal length set for legacy lenses), flicker decrease, silent operation, mic level display, mic level adjust (4 levels), and wind noise reduction. There are options for zebra pattern display, monochrome live view, and constant preview. You can also divide video in playback mode.

    As you would expect from Panasonic, who are pioneers in the 4K video industry, video quality is very good, and thanks to the 5-axis sensor-based image stabilisation system 4K video also benefits from image stabilisation. This is something which is lacking from other Panasonic Lumix cameras, which can struggle to provide effective image stabilisation when recording 4K video. Image stabilisation is also extremely effective for FullHD video, and the results are very good, so that whether you're recording 4K video or FullHD video you are capable of producing great video, even when recording handheld.

  • wow, well done Panny! :]

  • Make it $499 for body. And remove 30 minutes limit.

  • Anyone have found info to confirm if it is 5 axis in body stab? If so its an upgrade to even the GX8. Also does the in body stab work during video?

  • seems like it's 5axis. and yes, it works in video :]

  • Questions for people in the know: * Have they incorporated AutoISO in full manual mode (Creative Video)? * If in Aperture priority mode, is the shutter angle still allowing 360 degrees * Do the onscreen exposure controls disappear when changing ISO * Is there a upper ISO limit for video * What is the additional crop for 4k mode?

    Looking good for the GH5!

  • @brudney I guess the next question is if they enabled it during video with legacy lenses.

  • Good question. It wouldn't make sense at all if they didn't.

  • GH5 w/ V-LOG, 4:3, anamorphic lens, 5 axis IS, weather sealed, 4K 60p? OMG...that would be fantastical!

  • @adamquesada

    Read above posts :-)

  • imaging resource is saying no mic input