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'AF-ON' setting in new GH4 firmware 2.5?
  • If the GH4 already has auto focus in video mode, what does af-on in video mode add or improve? sorry if it's a silly or obvious question, there just isn't much detail about it yet from my searches.

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  • I saw this update as well, hopefully someone can test to see what it does or how it works.

  • @smoke23 I guess even if it is just a performance tweak to "AF" in general, I would be happy with that, especially using with ronin/gimbals in general. Not that the gh4 af is terrible..but compared to the technology in most newer could use an update. lol

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  • So it's a back button focus for video during recording basically?

  • Correcting my earlier post. Yes, you are correct. With AF/AE LOCK configured to AF-ON, the AF/AE LOCK button will engage AF during button press while in MF mode during movie capture. It's a momentary switch (AF engaged only while pressed), and the AF/AE LOCK HOLD function is disabled.

  • This function is a fantastic addition, we can now AF while in MF mode and while recording too. This for me is very useful.

  • we can now AF while in MF mode

    Sorry, yes I stand corrected! If AF/AE LOCK = AF-ON, the AF/AE LOCK button will engage AF during movie capture when in MF mode.

  • This AF-ON in M-mode is handy when using slow motion or super slow shutter speeds because normal AF is not working in these situations.

  • AF-ON is nothing more than normal AF just assignable to a buttom available in M. It does not work in VFR.

  • The AF-ON feature is what I was looking for since long ago. I upgraded only for that, and works fine. Finally. I always shoot in manual focus, but now if I need help I can quickly change focus by pressing a button. Until now all the AF-press-features didn't make the job because you had to use them in AF mode. I will use AF mode only if I leave the camera unattended.