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Soocoo Cube 360 (actually... only half of a proper 360 degree camera)
  • Noticed the Soocoo Cube 360 would be just US$150 for two (as each would cover half of the sphere), before I pull the trigger on it, is there anything else which is an even more frugal 360 degree video purchase than this? I'm thinking to get this just to dabble in making a few 360 degree videos, perhaps a short film or two, and then move on up to multiple array GoPro capture rig once I'm confident in it.


    360 x 190 degree panoramic camera

    Achieve a certain range of 360 degree no dead angle shooting

    Hemispherical, circular, segmentation and panorama 4 recording modes controlled by smartphones through WiFi

    Support recording on while charging

    Support WiFi function, can connect to 2 devices at the same time

    Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones

    WiFi protocol: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n

    With standard 1/4 screw interface

    Ultra small mini appearance

    Video resolution: 1280 x 1024 at 28fps

    USB cable length: 80cm approx. ( USB cable for charging only, not for data transfering)

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  • I suggest to look for something better.

  • Oh I'm sure it is pretty bad! But I doubt I could get full 360 degree video even if I spent double the money. Or am I missing some other product??

  • Ricoh Theta is $229 now at B&H

    It is certainly much better than shit you referenced.

    Woops, I did not see that it is only 15fps.

    Hence Theta S is required

  • Woops, I did not see that it is only 15fps.

    Hence Theta S is required

    yes, that would be nicer for sure. But it costs nearly 3 times as much as the 1st option (once shipping etc is factored in).

    Is it 3x nicer? Nah, probably not even twice as good.

    If I was going to spend that much, I think I'd just make the leap for a multi GoPro style rig instead. (which hopefully I will do, if I get bitten by the 360 VR bug after this)

  • I think it is around 10x better.

    As making good wide lens is too complex for Chinese now, and it uses very cheap hardware otherwise, bad sensor and main chip. Plus resolution is really low, even FullHD is low. All this cameras need around 4K for 180 degrees minimum, this means 8K for all around video.

    You absolutely need to see many samples first.

  • EleCam 360 looks like another interesting alternative for a very low price (under US$150) all in one 360 degree camera:

    Very poor specs with the resolution however. 1080P 30FPS However if you just need a very small and lightweight cheap camera to hang from a lightweight drone for quick insert shots in a longer 360 video, then this might be worth a second look!

  • Has had a price drop down now to under US$60 on sale, Cube 360:

  • Again, FullHD from each lens from the Elecam 360 will produce horrible 360 video. Even 4K from each lens (the only available one to actually do that is the dual Kodak 360 4K) produces a just barely watcheable movie. This camera on the web site shows a 1920x960 360 video. This compares with that produced by the GoPros, the Samsung Gear 360 and the dual Kodaks of 3840x1920 (although at that resolution you can see the quality difference between them).

    The resolution in stills is really low too. Cameras like this will give 360 video and stills a bad name, and turn people away. This is pure junk.

    The best 360 stills - Samsung Gear 360 (7776x3588); the best 360 video - the dual Kodak 360 4K's.

  • Agree with Mark, for ideal VR viewing you need 4096 pixels for around 100-110 degrees. So, for 360 it is around 13500 :-)

  • @mark041, keep in mind its cost: only US$120!!

    Oh for sure, if you have more money then spend more!

    I see this as serving two key areas:

    A) people brand new to 360VR and want to dip their toe into the water as cheaply as possible so they can get experimenting

    B) people who already have a bigger/better 360VR rig (such as myself) who want a smaller/cheaper/casual/disposable 360VR set up to use in small snippets of a longer 360VR shot (such as on a drone, or whitewater rafting. Shots that I'd otherwise never get. It is a bit like people complaining about how awful GoPro footage is vs from an F5, true!! But can be worth it for the little niche it serves and what it adds to the overall story).

  • @IronFilm Even at zero this not something anyone should try.

    This bad device will do nothing but discourage, as the results are conspicuously awful, even worse viewed in a VR headset. The video from this will look so much worse than from your "bigger/better 360VR rig" that it will ruin the video by distracting the viewer. If you can afford "a bigger/better 360VR rig" costing 4 figures then you can spend the $349 for the Samsung Gear 360, which is just as easy to carry around, is fun, and gives substantially higher quality photos and videos than this piece of junk. Who is your post aimed at? Not relevant for you, evidently, with your big rig. I thought people here care about quality at a good price, and I don't see people here acquiring junk, or recommending it. Novices should know that to get any reasonable results in 360 what the minimal requirements are; this device you are flogging does not meet any of them.

    No, $349 is the minimal amount (right now) you need to spend to get just passable 360 video that won't embarrass you (the Gear 360 stills are pretty good).