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Is GH2 audio out of sync in a 'consistent' way?
  • Does anybody know if the GH2 is consistently out of sync by the same amount of frames each time you record a clip? In other words, is it always 3 frames off or is it sometimes off by 2 frames and other times off by 3 frames? (I ask because the new Juicedlink Little Darling Recorder deluxe version has wireless slate option that sends a slate tone to audio in recorder and a slate tone to audio in your camera. So if we know the audio is off consistently by exactly 3 frames...or exactly 1 frame, we can sync audio to slate tone and adjust by this consistent frame error in GH2).

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  • I've never had problems with GH2 in-camera audio being out of sync. Do you own one?

  • Yeah I've used GH2 for a while, but always used clapper board sync with external audio. In past I had feeling in cam audio was out of sync and heard others say same. Was hoping someone had experience with this over long time period to share. If not, I'll just do a bunch of tests..

  • Mine was always out of sync and it seemed to be related to the hack, but I never really tested it. It was usually one to two frames, but I always used three claps to sync the audio.

  • Yeah, will probably stick with clapper board.