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GH4 and anamorphic
  • Hi to all !

    Once again thanks to the ones that use their brain and take time to create some crazy good things !

    I have a question about 4K photo mode.

    For those who don't know, it enables to record 1:1; 4:3 and 3:2 image.

    Here are the image sizes possible:

    • 4K UHD 16/9
    • 3840x2160
    • 4K Anamorphique 4/3
    • 3328x2496
    • 4K Photo mode in mp4
    • 1:1 2880x2880
    • 3:2 3504x2336

    With the combination of an anamorphic lens it allows in 1:1 for example, to shoot in 2x time anamorphic with a 16/9 ratio. (not exactly 16/9, maybe 17/9 or 18/9…)

    It is awesome because you can have the benefit of shooting anamorphic without being restricted by the "cinemascope" format. This format is nice but may not be appropriate for all movies and anamorphic also has other great attribute :

    • different bokeh.
    • wider field of view.
    • flares for those who like them.

    So you'll tell me what's the problem ????

    When you enter this 4K photo mode and want a live output via HDMI you need to have a 422 10bit output feed. This 422 10bit option disable the recording on SD card…

    And as the output is via HDMI it can only output 4K…so all the various picture sized written above are downscaled to enter in a 4K size… For exemple the 2880x2880 become 2160x2160 in a 3840x2160 so you get a 4K UHD ratio with a square image on it, and so black recorded on left and right.

    If you edit in 1080 HD, this 1:1 ratio recorded by 4K HDMIwith a 2x anamorphic, is used by 100% wide and 50% height… So that's not to bad but a little bit of deception as well.

    I've tried this morning with a Atomos Shogun recorder I had a chance to use at a production company.

    I really plan to test with a Odyssey 7q+ but I think it will be the same because all those equipment are made to work with standards and limited to 4K…

    I don't understand why Panasonic made this limitation and in the same time gives us those possibilities (1:1, 3:2…)… They don't have a higher camera to be canibalized (like Canon with 5D and C300…) and they don't sell 4K portable recorders…

    SO MY QUESTION IS : May GH4 be hacked ?

    to allow 8bit HDMI output with 4K photo mode ?

    or to allow recording 10bit 422 on SD ?

    I understand the second option may be limited by hardware of the GH4 or by the speed of the SD cards.

    The benefit would be 1- having the choice of the image ratio ! 2- having the ability to desqueeze image that I think is a necessity to have a good framing for the operator or other people of the staff/ client

    Am I dreaming ? Maybe…but so sad to have the perfect tool for anamorphic and having to use it in a crazy/dangerous/not precise way !

    And I don't believe the feature will be unlocked in GH5…

    THX for reading! Best .V

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  • I slightly reformatted as was impossible to read.

    I also fail to fully grasp your questions.

    What exactly you want? Short and simple version.

  • Sorry for the long one… But I wanted to give all details and clues…

    So what I would like : 8bit HDMI output with 4K photo mode ? or recording 10bit 422 on SD ?

    THX Best

  • I think you are dreaming.