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Weird Interference Noise on Zoom H6
  • Hi, I have a Zoom H6 which I really love to use. Since I'm short in budget and need lavalier mics for interviews, I bought an Audio Technica ATR3350, Aputure Lav Mic and a Chinese made mic.

    When I connect these mics to XLR ports with Rode's XLR adapter, there's an annoying signal sound, it's not hiss/humm, something else. When I use the 3.5 connection on the X/Y adapter of H6 with plugin power, this noise is still there.

    ATR3350 has its own battery, so I don't think it's about phantom power (however I shut the power down). Also I realized when I touch the USB connection of H6 at right with my finger, the noise reduces (really weird). Same happens when I touch to the metal plate on the front face of the device as well. Somehow, my hand is stopping the noise.

    When I connect these mics to Zoom H1, there's no noise. I contacted with Zoom product service, had a reply to my email, then they stopped talking with me. "Kind reminders" didn't work.

    My only options for now are these devices and for a long time I'll not be able to afford a wireless transmitter. Here you can find a sound record demonstrating my problem, sorry for my weak English and moaning voice :)

    Any solutions?

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  • I didn't want to bother people on that topic talking about the release of H6 with my personal problem, since an email will be sent after a new message following their 3 pages of replies to each other.

    But, if the administrator says do it, why not.

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