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GH1 body only deal
  • Have a Facebook account. Search "Panasonic" and become a fan. Go to and create an account. Search GH1. The body only deal is $299.96 + shipping + tax. I already have a GH1 (Dec 2010) and a GH2. I don't need another GH1 body, but this is crazy good deal. We are talking about a brand new body produced this year. The ones with less FPN and stronger straps. Prolly the best batch among all GH1 batches.

    GH2 is nice. But I rarely use the touchscreen. ETC was OK only at ISO 400 or lower. HDMI live out is nice but very limited. AGC... still not completely disabled. It has its own FPN issue... the horizontal banding. GH2 is definitely a better photo camera though, and its native 1080p24 is quite nice. When GH13 firmware was available to public, it took a few months to have stable lpowell setup. Frankly... I'll be waiting for lpowell's reliable mode for GH2. It could take months.

    If one's main focus is video, $299 GH1 is no brainer. Get it before it goes out of production. I might... get one more soon. Sweeten it with Blackout-Powell Native 24p Patch. Yummy yummy
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  • ...when vitaliy hacks the new batch- then its a nobrainer :)
  • Good question. Another good reason to order it asap. I pressed the button this morning.
  • This is for US residents only, right?
  • I think it's only US domestic shipping.
  • I think that you always could use Shipito :-)
  • Wow. The deal is already over. PD site says, "Available at your favorite retailer". Whenever they ran out, they used to say, "Backordered." Is it finally out of production?

    I can hear the resale price of GH1 going up. Ka-ching! If I sell it at good price, I will donate more. Hehe.

  • I ordered the "kit" with the 14-42mm lens from B&H for $499(needed on panny lens anyways-guess that one will work for now).
    I had ordered one from Samy's but they couldn't match B&H prices-so check all the usual suspects as they may still have some in stock-but supplies are low, so act now!!!
  • Lumix 14-42 has decent sharpness at max aperture range. Just don't expect stellar performance. Cheap plastic mount. Menu driven OIS mode switching. Kinda jerky zooming. But I'm happy with it.
  • yep, as long as you know what you've got, the 14-42 will do you fine..
  • Any Panny is out of stock for both facebook and EPP. Hope that wasn't the last batch.
  • I'd thought about waiting to order one til the new hack was released, but now glad I didn't wait and impulsed bought one the morning I read about this.
  • Hmmm. PD emailed me, "Shipping Date is not available."

    Same old same old
  • Mine got cancelled. GH1 is officially discontinued.
  • What do you mean "cancelled"? Did you make an order and then got the email they did not have enough in stock?
  • PD cancelled and emailed me. GH1 is history. Thank gawd I have at least one.
  • @stonebat When did you order? My bank statement online shows Panasonic charged me on 5/31. Did you order after that?

    EDIT: According to PD website, I ordered on 5/26 and the payment got charged 5/31 on my end.
  • on 5/27 :(
  • stonebat, did you ever get a order confirmation number in an email?

    CRFilm, what was the total cost of yours with tax and shipping(Facebook???)?
  • no confirmation email.
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