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Kodak Wide Gate Super 8 camera
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    It has a max gate dimension of 16:10 and gets only 90 seconds at crystal controlled 24p. C-mount. The film will sold as a package including scanning. This is strange because normal super 8 at 24fps is over 2 minutes. This makes me believe that the image is being applied horizontally to the film plane because the specs say the cartridge is 50 feet. An other guesses ?

    Well, obviously not so after looking at the video V posted .


    800 x 485 - 44K
    518 x 341 - 24K
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  • I wonder if the SD slot means they intend it to be able to record a low-res digital copy from the viewfinder feed as well as shooting to film or if it'll just be used for storing settings and the like.

    Interesting, in any case! Too bad that one guy's digital adapter for 8mm film was total vaporware. :P

  • "Mr. Clarke said Kodak has received expressions of support for the new camera by many Hollywood directors, including Steven Spielberg and “Star Wars” director J.J. Abrams, who directed a 2011 film called “Super 8″ and was famously hired by Mr. Spielberg as a 14-year-old to work on the older director’s Super 8 film archive.

    The first new Super 8, expected to arrive in a limited-edition version in the fall of 2016, was conceived with help from the industrial designer Yves Behar. It is likely to cost between $400 to $750, Mr. Clarke estimated. Processing the film should cost $50 to $75 a cartridge, he said.

    Mr. Clarke expects in 2017 a lower-cost version aimed at a broader audience."

  • I'd would really like to see a new beaulieu 4008 , however this looks like a braun toaster ! It does have some good points....c-mount and wide gate, however at $75 dollars for 90 seconds of images, it's a dead end. Maybe for some music video makers.

    I'm afraid, if kodak wants film to survive, it needs to discover how to make it about 10x cheaper, or reusable. For the price of the camera and two hours of film, and you can buy an a7smkii and a few lenses. What a choice !

    Knock knock anyone home ?

    ps....I do really love super 8. I still have 4 of the best cameras ever made...however ...4k just destroys it !

  • I guess the sd slot is for sound recording, I don't think they are gonna put an analog track on the film, like in the past, it woudn't make sense. The price of the camera is ok, I don't undestand the 50$ do develop the film. I mean 50$ for just 90 seconds... I guess they still have the know how and the technologies to offer processing at a lower price, they could offer the choice to have it scanned or to just get the film, as there are some fhd super 8 scanners on the market

  • Here's Super 8 footage from another camera. Hopefully the footage out of this camera can look just as good or better.

  • Some can view this as positive trend, while I think that it is indicator of serious issues, as same things happened across different sectors in time of real progress crisis.

  • I'll be waiting for that 1tb floppy disk ! But if I see a crisis , it's that we really don't have any need for 8k....and 4k's here ...and cheap. So what are they going to pull out of the hat next ? Personally, VR is another 3d, as far as entertainment goes. A work of art isn't a work of art if it doesn't have borders !

  • WOW... that's great news Less than $750 I'm all in, $50 - $75 to develop 2k & 4K Scans can't wait.

  • In the link to Matthew Allard's review, he claims the 50' cartridges will give you 2min 40sec at 24fps, which sounds much more normal. @Trackzillas - where are you getting the cost for a 4K scan from?

  • @mrbill Got it from the Kodak Site but they did not state 4k, they apparently teamed-up with that company. " The incredible folks from did the scanning, once in 2K and once in 4K. Unfortunately, my Mac Pro (late 2008) is a bit too old to handle 4K video, so I had to grade the 2K version. It still looks amazing though, make sure to download the 2K version for full quality! "

  • Can we buy the film and use it in another super8 camera and then send it to process and scan?

  • @apefos +1 And can we send it only for process?

  • @Trackzillas - what are you referring to?

  • Braun Nizos still going for reasonable prices on eBay, but as usual, anything by Beaulieu costs as much as a new GH4. Which is where I get off the bus..

  • @PauloTeixeira - that's digital footage given a bit of film weave and a projector frame edge. Way too clean, way too much resolution, but it's the complete lack of motion blur that really gives it away

    That's super 8 film

  • @mrbill....newsshooter changed the duration in the article. Maybe they just didn't know or copied from an uninformed source. 2 1/2 minutes sounds good. I would imagine that this kodak package can be used with any s8 camera, but if you want a duper duper frame, you'll have to modify the gate. The price looks to be good when you consider that scanning usually has minimum runs and this can be done one cartridge at a time. I hope it's $50, then I might consider it. I would like to know what kind of gate pressure plate it's got. That's got more to do with sharpness than any other factor. If it's using the same cartridge design, with integral pressure plate....there's the weakness.

    And you can pick up 4008's for less than $200 if you shop. Canon's are easier for gate mod jobs though. The 1014 xls is probably the best super8 camera made. I own it as well as the 6080 braun nizo and 2 beaulieus. Anything by braun or elmo is good. They're so many classics. However the 4008 is imho the most beautiful industrial object ever designed and produced, short of the saab 96.

  • kodak would only bring back kodachrome , I'd be happy !

  • I used to have a brace of the 4008's - you're quite right, just beautiful design. Had a pair of the Nizo 801 Professionals too, which were great cameras, and a Nikon R10, which made beautiful pictures. Wish I'd kept even just one of them!

    P.s. If you see a 4008 for $200, please let me know!

  • I found the 4008 painful to use, especially finding focus. +1 on the Canon 1014 XLS. Wish I had mine back.

  • gotta play the ebay sniping game . I just went and there looks like a renewed buyup on s8 beaulieu cameras...only a few. And the 4008 grip is painful but the viewfinder was state of the art only found in 16mm cameras of the day. Yeah and plusone on the nikon r10....a beaut ! Did you know aaton was ready to release a s8 camera...before s8 died ?

    I think the question here is...what will the scanned film actually look like ? Will it be worth the expense , when you can buy a similar size 4k sensor camera ( the pany fz300 ) for the same price and never have to pay anything more.

  • @mrbill - I disagree about the Logmar sample. That looks like film to me. Kodak Vision III is very tight grained especially at 50D especially if properly exposed. I doubt that it's a fraud. It looks exactly like film and nothing like digital (or plug-ins) to my eye. I don't see the missing film blur you're talking about but if you do, it may be due to shutter angle, etc.

  • Pro8mm in Burbank has been buying up 35mm film stock and splitting it lengthwise to use in 8mm cameras for several years now. They offer film-develop-scan packages that look pretty good. What's exciting about this new camera to me is that it's a lot cheaper than the refurbished high-end cameras on the market and the film-scan packages cost a helluva lot less.