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Panasonic DMC-TZ80, ZS60, 30x zoom, CES 2016 announcement
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    Panasonic has today unveiled a new addition to its travel zoom range, the LUMIX DMC-ZS60. The camera’s small and sturdy build means it fits easily into a pocket, and at less than 11 ounces it won’t weigh you down on your next adventure.

    The new ZS model manages to pack outstanding performance and a host of practical features into its lightweight chassis. An 18M sensor is ideal for taking high quality photos in all conditions, and 4K capability means that your favorite travel memories can be recorded in stunning detail. What’s more, the LUMIX DMC-ZS60 also features a 30x Zoom LEICA lens, so you’ll never be out of range for that perfect holiday shot.

    Color, clarity and powerful zoom

    The camera incorporates an 18M high sensitivity MOS sensor, allowing you to capture even the finest details of your travels. Whether taking pictures on a sunny beach or during a candlelit dinner for two, the LUMIX DMC-ZS60’s exceptional low light performance ensures crisp, clear and natural results with minimal noise. The sensor complements a powerful Venus engine to reproduce breathtaking color that remains accurate to the composition you saw through the lens.

    The LUMIX DMC-ZS60’s outstanding optical capability is underpinned by a high-end LEICA lens with 30x Zoom (24-720mm), for performance that far outweighs its compact body. The camera allows you to get closer to the action, without disturbing the subject – perfect for pictures and videos of wildlife, or more natural shots of friends and family.

    Capture those perfect moments in stunning 4K UHD

    The LUMIX DMC-ZS60’s 4K video capability enables you to record and relive all those special moments in the very highest quality. With four times the resolution of Full HD, videos reproduce the breathtaking color and detail of every scene, an experience second only to being there in person. The camera offers smooth, high quality video recording in 4K 3840x2160 at 30 fps in MP4, as well as high-resolution Full HD 1920x1080 60p videos in MP4.

    Panasonic has also utilized 4K to help take photo accuracy to a new level. For the first time in a travel camera, Panasonic’s 4K Photo function allows you to extract an 8-megapixel still from 4K video (30fps) with amazing precision. The feature provides the perfect solution for capturing those fleeting moments, whether it’s timing the kids jumping into a pool or a dolphin breaching the waves.

    Another new addition to the LUMIX ZS range is the Post-Focus feature, which allows you to select the focal point of your picture, even after it’s taken. The LUMIX DMC-ZS60’s outstanding autofocus capability calculates the distance between the camera and the subject, capturing the optimal focus for 49 individual areas within each frame. Once the photo is taken, you simply select the precise area you want to focus on – for example your family in the foreground, or the stunning scenery behind them. What’s more, with the option to export multiple photos from a single shot, you’ll never have to choose between the two.

    Hone your camera skills

    If you’re looking to develop your photographic skills, the LUMIX DMC-ZS60 provides extensive and easy-to-use manual settings. A dedicated Control Ring gives smooth control of settings such as zoom, aperture and shutter speed, allowing you to concentrate on lining up the prefect shot. Similarly, a 3.0-inch 1040k-dot touch screen makes navigating menus and selecting your preferred setting incredibly quick and easy, even in bright sunlight.

    Share your memories

    Once you’ve selected your favorite holiday snaps on the LUMIX DMC-ZS60, you can share them with friends and family with the press of a button. Simply connect to a smartphone or tablet to share your pictures on social media, attach them to an email or view remotely on a bigger screen.

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    In terms of image quality, the TZ80 hasn't really made an improvement on its predecessor, and in some cases, when comparing like for like images, it appears to be slightly worse. This is probably down to an increase in pixels, and it's a little disappointing to see.

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    That the TZ80 / ZS60 offers 4k video will be a big pull for many consumers, but beware, the limitations of the smaller sensor and tiny pixels mean that 4k video on the TZ80 / ZS60 is far from noise-free, even at lower sensitivities. But even if you only shoot video in 1080p on the TZ80 / ZS60, you can still take advantage of its 4k capability to make use of the 4k Photo mode I've already mentioned for fast continuous shooting, and the Post Focus mode for effective focus bracketing.

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  • New v1.1 firmware

    1. Function is added to change the direction of dial rotation when operating the aperture and shutter speed. The option [Rotation(F/SS)] has been added to [Ring/Dial Set] on the [Custom] menu.
    2. The phenomenon which USB charging rarely doesn't start is improved.
    3. Blurring of objects in movie mode under the following condition is improved. *Low Light Condition *Image Stabilizer is ON