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Exif data in Panasonic cameras
  • Cameras records exif data also in video files. Some cameras more than others. For example Canon records usually very much exif data with video but Panasonic not so much. I think that there is almost no exif info in Pana AVCHD files but in better GH4 MOV or MP4 contains quite much exif info. Here is an example of GH4 100 mbs 4k MP4 with Exiftool-program.

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  • Interesting to see at the end the FOV, hyperfocal distance, circle of confusion, and so on

    Circle Of Confusion : 0.014 mm

    Field Of View : 45.4 deg

    Focal Length : 20.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 43.0 mm)

    Hyperfocal Distance : 13.01 m

    Light Value : 4.9