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Rock concert first time - multicam shots (2x GH2, GH3, GF1, GM1)
  • My first attempts of shooting and editing a live rock performance - the group called ZEP plays only Led Zeppelin songs.

    So far I did no color grading - just plain cut with Edius.

    Any feedback appreciated.

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  • Another one from the same event.

    I really like to get some feedback - e.g. are the different perspectives too static, should I go for more close-ups (next time), etc...

  • And here comes one before the break with "only" 4 cams rolling

    Guess which cam is missing :-)

  • The later the evening, the less cams still ran.... from 4 to 3, Stairway to Heaven

    Partly fizzling sound during the silent beginning as it was live to hear.