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What do you need to make these effects in music videos?
  • Who knows what type of software and techniques are used to make this? Also do you need some type of hardware like digital drawing boards?

    What do you use or recommend?

    Thanks in advance.



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  • Most likely After Effects. Draw out some shape layers and text. Use a noise layer as a matte for the shapes (for movement). Doing something like this, customized, would take some time.

  • Thanks for your reply. @aaronchicago Do you recommend any tutorials or websites where they demonstrate stuff like this?



  • Im guessing the shapes are hand drawn frame by frame (yeah, a lot of work). The fill is probably just colored fractal noise.

  • I also think after effects, animated shape layers, roughen edges; if it was done with green screen it is easy to find the peoples silhouettes so you don't have to hand draw them

  • Thanks for your input. @mk47 That's what I thought so myself. But there must be an easier way!

  • Very valuable link! Thank you a bunch. @manstok

  • There is always an easier way, but it wont look as good and organic :)

    A music video like that probably costs six figures USD, while you need to find the best compromise for your budget.

  • I agree. @mk47 By easy I mean; not as time consuming to start with and a bit more simple graphics. Just to start building and developing the skill. And yes of course six figures payments are always nice hahaha! If a client can afford it. (:

  • Mentioning the cost of a product they reference is always a good move. A lot of clients expects hollywood type production for the price of student short film and getting them back to earth can be hard sometimes :)

  • That sounds way too familiar indeed. @mk47 But for me the important thing is not money but to be able to stay working and developing. Money comes along the way if you stay consistent.

  • A drawing tablet can save a lot of time for something like that.

  • I finally tried it for the first time, in this video. Without a drawing tablet though. I am considering in buying one, to indeed save time...