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Selecting 2nd camera - GX8, G7 or GH3?
  • I want to get second camera to my GH3.

    4K in G7 and GX8 is tempting and all, what do you think guys?

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  • if you get a G7, you will have your old GH3 as second camera. ;)

  • G7. GX8 is better if photography is necessary, but if for video only, then G7... & after you'll try it, you'll sell GH3 for a 2nd G7 :p

  • Is G7 so much better? And all the limits and and such?

  • Just got my G7 through this site and can confirm that my NTSC camera has no limits in 1080p AVCHD and 4K MP4 recordings. I still need to check the MP4 recording time at 1080p. First try it stopped after 20 minutes. Early days yet for me, as there are lots of settings to play with, too. Anyway, I'm having fun with it. I don't know if NTSC cameras bought elsewhere behave as mine does...

  • Get a G6, cheapest of them all, and in my eyes a better camera than the GH3

  • @IronFilm

    Isn't G6 a bit dated?

  • Not at all if you're including a GH3 in the mix.