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2nd HDD in macbook pro
  • My laptop is 20 months old. It's already getting old. Luckily @driftwood's GOP1 made it easier to edit raw clips out of GH2VK. Now I really wanna bring the laptop everywhere... but it's been hassle to bring ext hdd. So I decided to install 2nd hdd. 1TB 9.5mm hdd :)

    Since I have a unibody mbp, I ordered one from Definitely overpriced but I don't wanna take a chance on a cheaper one from ebay this time.

    This guy has a blog about it and an installation video.

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  • I did this too - and you're right DO NOT take risks with the cheap ones - the connectors on the cheap ones are for shit, I went for a cheap one and it could not recognize the 2nd drive. I have 2 SSD's in RAID O on my 13" MBP - blazing fast and has not crashed or hung up once in 6 months. I highly recommend!
  • +1. Been there. Done that. I had enough heartburn from upgrading computer with cheap parts.

    Wow. Yours must be insanely fast. I got a stock hdd and a new 1TB hdd. SSD for me... maybe next year :)

    8GB (two sticks) ram is so cheap. Less than $60. But 16GB ram is.... so expensive.

  • Crucial SSD 128GB are now cheaper here than a Samsung 2TB
  • Go for a SSD, its so much faster.
  • +1. SSD for OS & Apps. Definitely faster launching.

    HDD for data. The internal HDD is faster than most or all "economic" external raid or raid-like solutions. The only bottleneck is the size of a single drive.

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