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Looking for a cheap m4/3 low light Lens with autofocus
  • Hello, i want to buy another Lens for low light conditions for my Lumix GF3. Currently i have the standard "Panasonic 14 - 42 mm / F 3,5 - 5,6 " I know there is the "Panasonic 20 mm / F 1,7 Pancake" but its quite expensive (~250€ on ebay) , so i wonder if there is any cheaper alternative? I think it can also be another connector (with m4/3 adapter) as long as the autofocus works. Thank you!

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  • Well, the cheapest that you could get with AF might be the Sigma 30mm f2.8. However, with f2.8 aperture, you will still end up at around ISO 1600.

  • glad i dont live in europe. 250 euros is the price of a brand new 20mm here in the u.s.

    There are no other choices. panasonic 20mm 1.7 or olympus 25mm 1.8

  • used olympus 45 1.8

  • there is no such thing ... you want a good fast lens - you pay the price tag.

  • This may be useful to you:

    The Sigma 19mm f/2.8 for $200US will be stop or so faster than your zoom lens at the same focal length (not a lot of difference) or you could look at the Olympus 25mm f/1.8 which is around $300US new.

    You're probably not going to find autofocus lenses much cheaper than that - and as far as I know, the only adapters allowing third-party glass to autofocus on micro 4/3 cost more than the Panasonic 20mm.

  • Thanks for your help. The other option is to have an old lens with manual focus and adapter. For 25€ i can get a YASHICA Lens ML 50mm 1:1.7 and the Adapter is again 25€. Has anyone experience with this?

  • I don't have experience with that 1.7, but yashica ML lenses are really gorgeous. They are generally very sharp, even wide open. I really like the look.

  • Doesn't help you much: They are too long for MFT, so harder to focus.

    Try to find a used Panny 20mm, it's very sharp even WO.

  • Thanks everyone. I did it. Bought the Yashica Lens and the M42 to M4/3 Adapter for together 50€

  • were asking for a m4/3 lens......The yashica isn't automatic?

    I would of said the 25mm 1.8 Olympus

  • @suresure123 I changed my mind when i found out that there is no cheap automatic mft lens. Since i am no professional and i just want to try a little, i dont see the point to buy a lens that costs more than i paid for my camera including lens. Also the GF3 is not the best camera out there. Maybe in the future ;-)

  • It is a valid option when you are starting. When I started in photography I've bought a lot of legacy lenses - was good to learn more about focal distances spending less money. And how to use manual focus - very useful until today.