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Directors Series - Stanley Kubrick
  • I found these interesting..

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  • Very good, thanks for posting!

  • Spacecraft consultants Frederick Ordway and Harry Lange, who had worked for NASA, persuaded companies such as Boeing to supply prototypes and technical documents for use in the film. Astronauts visiting the set at Borehamwood referred to it as "NASA East."

    Not saying he wasn't a genius, but maybe anyone would look like a genius if NASA and Boeing supplied props for their films.

  • Genius makes someone sound superhuman. I just think he was one of the first real thinking directors (in the West) Europe had tonnes of intellectuals who were making movies but I think the US many directors were stage managers before Kubrick came. To me he was simply a highly intelligent guy who wanted to make intelligent movies. plus he had a perfectionist issue that didn't allow him to make any mediocre movies. Many directors today think they are smart when actually they are just pretentious. I know he wants to make movies of the substance of Kubrick but a similar director today I think is Chris Nolan.

  • Those seem like a very interesting doc series, thanks for sharing them @matthere =)

    Fun and well made "conspiracionist" doc around Shinning

  • Room 237

    Staircases to Nowhere: Making Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'

    Endorsed by The Kubrick Estate and Warner Brothers - the only modern documentary about The Shining to have this honour! Described by the British Film Institute as "like being on set with Stanley Kubrick" and tweeted about by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! This is the oral history story of the making of Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece 'The Shining'.