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Jibs - Light and portable?
  • I've been considering some light and easy-to-assemble jibs for my GH2/DSLR's and wondered if anyone actually have used some or could recommend some? No idea what the cost are for something worthwhile, but looking for something less pricey. Anyone?

    Seems kinda flimsy, no?
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  • I actually do like the fact that it's could be very portable.
  • I agree. The portability is one and cheap price is nice. And considering I'll only use it for my DSLR I reckon the toughness of the jibs isn't my main concern. But would be nice to be able to pan the camera. Possible to use some kind of fluid head maybe?
  • have you noticed they are using extremely wide lenses for their demo reel. I wonder if that's because they need to hide the shakiness of the motion...
  • It could be very interesting to design very portable and light jib.
    I am thinking on working on it and using telescopic large diameter carbon tubes.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    It sounds like you're quite into designing support type of equipment:) quite a few hints so far :)
    Are you planning on producing and designing your own gear? that would be awesome...
  • I really like this jib, but I reckoned something has to give for it's weight and portability. I would probably order one just for my Gh2. Here's a good review,
  • I bought a cheap Vivitar monopod. Was $7.50 on Amazon awhile ago. Like this:

    I think 3 of these with 2 brackets and 2 quick release mounts would make that Jib. These are 67" fully extended. And very rigid with no play.

    Any interesting parts that can be used for the brackets and bearings?

    You'd just need to drill a couple holes in the monopods.
  • I've been researching a lot about this mini jib crane and seeing how the top portion bends so much worries me. It looks sturdy according to a lot of reviews like the ones above, but it just doesn't sit well with me. It's also a bit wobbly??
    A lot of other mini jib cranes are heavy and thick for good reason. Yes, not as extremely portable as DSLR Devices' but I never imagined a jib to be so.
  • I bought this mini jib from an eBay seller based in Shanghai:

    It does what it's advertised! Arm itself weighs about 4kg + additional weights (I use dumb bell weights). What's also great like the DSLR Devices' jib is that it is collapseable: The end tube that holds the weights (silver part) can collapse into the jib, reducing the total length to about 70cm. Here I'm using the legs and ball head from a Weifeng tripod.

    This is my first ever jib crane but I am fairly pleased with it
    1864 x 2805 - 658K
    2805 x 1864 - 594K
    2548 x 1693 - 447K
  • @ed_lee83 So do you take the head off the tripod, put the jib on it and then put the head on the end of the jib? And what head/tripod does it fit? Any wobbling? Looks good, and a good price.
  • @Mark_the_Harp Yes to your first conclusion - all interchangeable. Looking at the jib's base, I think it needs to be on tripods that have bowls. You're still able to pan the jib.
    Wobbling? Not that I've noticed. Can post some sample footage / crappy video review if interested.

    One other point: I see some decent value jibs from the US but since i live in Asia, it was cheaper shipping for me from this seller. If you check he charges like US$70 for international shipping.
  • @ed_lee83 sample & crappy video review request here ;-)
  • Anyone got any recommendations? I want it light, short and sturdy, have one which is light and short but a tad wobbly!

  • @belfryman

    I think Varavon is most sturdy from affordable ones :-) But not very light :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Mmm, after one I can put in my bag to take abroad for little shoot so I need the ones that go nice and small, have a DSLR-Devices which is a little wobbly and a Kessler Lite 8 for bigger times. Have you tried the carbon fibre ones on the deals page at all?

  • @belfryman

    They are all ok with normal weights.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thank you Vitaliy. Happy Sunday.