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Edelkrone Pocket Rig

    So this is the kind of stuff I've been looking for - discreet, run & gun, light,...I'm sure they will charge about $500 for it - maybe we can 'appropriate' this design for our Design Your Own Gear contest?

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  • Like the concept.

    +1 for it being added to the contest =)
  • by appropriate you mean steal, right? Yeah that sounds about right.

    go back to china.
  • If it's worth a damn, quality material-speaking, it will run about $650-700.
  • It's already out. Cost 390€/528$ without shipping... (edit : free shipping)

    Gotta love their design.
  • Looks good but the baseplate could be more functional... Smaller, or fitted with battery hatch access.
  • @brandonmrsh

    All the deals on the front page that Vitaliy works hard for our members to get are from China - along with at least 75% of all other gear.

    Go back to your cave.
  • and they are entirely stolen from manufacturers who spent their hard work and money developing them.

  • @brandonmrsh

    I think that you have logic problems.
    As far as I know none of them are stolen in any way.
  • I really like this pocket rig. Very functional and you dont have to worry about lugging around anything to heavy.
  • Here's their latest video:

    I'd like to like it...but haven't seen enough footage to know if it's as good as it seems. Time will tell.
  • The thought of having rods tucked away in a baseplate is somewhat interesting. The price aint too bad either.
  • Here's a rundown. Some of their rigs go over the topic ala bi polar rigs.

  • Here's the first video of the use of their Pocket Rig:

    I would still like to see more results.
  • Videos won't tell you much about any kind of rig (even more slow mo vids...), but more about the skills of the user... I've seen better vids handheld than ones done with $$$$ rigs*. You need to find your style of shooting, the gears you will use beside the cam, and the impact you want to have in your environment (incognito or hollywood pro wannabe?)

    * Besides, there last vid w/ the pricey (~1300€) modula rig makes me salivate...

  • Any pictures with a GH-2 on it? Hard to tell with the larger canons. Gread idea, But too expensive for flip out rails and a base plate.
  • Could not find specs, dimensions, rod lengths?
  • Well, looks like a huge price drop has happened:

    Pocket Rig for $300 - much more reasonable. FYI - a Zacuto Target Shooter is $475, and much much less flexible in terms of features.

  • for 300 this seems like an amazing deal..might just have to jump on this

  • I'm also considering getting one after that huge price drop. But as it would be for a nex-5n, I'm thinking the whole think might not be so ergonomic after all

  • For build quality/design/features it's a great deal IMHO - exactly what I'm looking for. I'm currently using a Wondlan 1.3 which is also quite good for what it is. However, having a fordable little R&G rig like this would be great - love the retractable rods. Though it would be quite funny seeing this on a tall DSLR ala IDX/D4 :-p . Let's see other 'pricey' gear companies rise to the occasion and knock 40% off of their entire line - so whether I buy it or not, this is a good step in the right direction.

  • When I first saw the Pocket Rig I thought "ooooh... nice!" until I saw the price for it... But for $300? So tempted! Does anyone know if this is a longterm price drop or just a short term deal to build brand loyalty?

  • US customers have to order from $329 w free shipping. I just ordered.

  • jasonp- Any footage of using it? And what situations is it more ideal in?

  • I think they are refunding the difference for those who bought it earlier.

  • @jasonp

    Thanks for the insight!