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Travel Tripod
  • Hi Guys,
    Any suggestion on a compact travel tripod for our GH2? This is strictly for traveling purposes so weight along with its stability is important.
    I’ve used SLIK PRO 700DX Professional Tripod with Manfrotto MH055M8-Q5 055 MAG Photo-Movie Head in the past and I would like to find a similar solution even more compact and as good as or even better than SLIK PRO 700DX.

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  • Most of the really compact tripods seem to be more geared to photography than video.

    But you might look at:

    Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 (Carbon) ~ $300
    20" folded length, 3 lbs. weight, 11 lb. load capacity

    Benro A-1691 Travel Angel (Aluminum) ~$250
    Benro C-1691 Travel Angel (Carbon) ~$500
    17" folded length, 3.6 lb. (aluminum), 3.1 lb (carbon), 17 lb. load capacity
    (note I believe those weights include the ball head, 0.6 lb. lighter without it)

    Gitzo GT1542T Series 1 Traveler (Carbon) ~ $600
    16.7" folded length, 2.2 lbs. weight, 17 lb. load capacity

    If you're happy with your current head you could keep it, never really tried one of the combination photo/video heads. If you're just doing video, the Manfrotto 701HDV might be a little lighter option at 1.8 lb.
  • @davedv

    Thanks for the replay I will definitively look into your suggestions. I owned the Manfrotto 701HDV head and had replaced it with Manfrotto MH055M8-Q5 which I like because of its diversity (video/photo). I also owned Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod at one point but found the SLIK PRO 700DX to be more steady.
  • i have the benro C-0691 travel kit.

    dual action ball head so not exactly built for video but only 2.5 lbs. works for me.

  • @skyak
    Is the dual action ball head easy removable?

  • I have personally used these tripods and love them they are made by really right stuff, build quality rivals Gitzo
  • @PerryWilson

    These are quite expensive and heavy at the same time. Try to travel with them within Europe ;-) USA airports are way way better with the weight of your luggage money wise!
  • I did a lot of research to find the steadiest tripods that would fit in a pelican 1520 case, the largest you can take onto most planes. Feisol had 2 models that would collapse to under 20". I use them with 701 heads. I Generally don't touch them while shooting unless I have to reposition for a speaker that has moved.
  • Just need an allen key to remove the ball head.
  • A word of caution about the Feisol tripods
    I was looking to get one a while back but the dealer warned me that it doesn't have screws to lock a video fluid head in place.
    Deal breaker for me as I can't stand it when the fluid head keeps unscrewing itself on pans.
    This is something good to check for in any tripod you are getting for video use
  • To be honest with you I came to a conclusion why look someplace else if I already have good solution both cheaper and portable enough to the few proposed here. I guess am gonna be getting another 700DX ;-)
  • A tripod can last your lifetime. All you need is shorter legs for your chosen ball-mounted, fluid head. Anybody trying to use unstable, jerky gear is not really trying to take good video.

    [Edit] I realize this thread is about *travel* tripods, sorry. For travel, I take a spare, clean sock and fill it with rice. Fits coffee-tables, car roof, etc. Costs $1. Pan shots need a wide lens. Hey, you're on holiday already. Hawaiian shirt. Swimming pool. Martini. The girls in bikinis don't chat to the guy with the tripod. ("Hey, is that a sock of rice in your pocket?")
  • Maybe you cana have a try of NEST tripod

    810 x 609 - 92K
  • So would a 701 head work on a mefoto travel tripod (benro). I am looking for something lightweight for traveling and combining it with a fluid head for video with a Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera.


  • No travel tripod less than $100 here -;) ? Would any one recommend a cheap, small, light travel-tripod?

  • Look in Costco for one for around $60