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VIDEO: Werner Herzog Masterclass
  • Watch: 90-Minute Masterclass With Legendary Director Werner Herzog

    At age 72, Werner Herzog remains as prolific and as hard-working as he was when he was just starting out. The legendary filmmaker has covered so much ground, both as a documentarian and a director of fiction films, and he has built a reputation for himself for the way each of his films carry his distinctive voice.

    Herzog held a 90-minute masterclass at the Locarno International Film Festival back in 2013 ... In Herzog’s masterclass, the director primarily takes questions from the audience, and this Q&A session gives us a fascinating glimpse inside the filmmaker’s craft, with the conversation leaning heavily towards his documentary work.

    He has embraced the ever-evolving technology that’s used for filmmaking and emphasizes that anyone should be able to make any kind of film they want today. He does not accept excuses or complaints. Furthermore, he expresses his distaste for film schools and feels that you can learn more if you travel by foot for four months.

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  • I am really looking forward to watching this. Thanks for sharing!

  • @jleo,

    I enjoyed the interviews very much. Thank you

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