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In search of directors
  • Hello there.

    Im an old member, and have seen much in this forum. That makes me think there is a possibility here to find the person we are looking for. We have a film production company called Sirius Fims, we have 3 years on the market of publicity in Peru. We are company with lot of potential, and here in Peru we have good demand for foreign directors.

    We make videos for Mcdonalds, KIA, pepsi, Movistar, Pro Football teams, nike, retail stores, music videos, and other important brans in Peru.

    We are searching for new directors/cinematographers, with the ability to express themselves with a true character on its image, controlling light and esthetics. We receive newcomers that are up to a profesional level, or its reel says enough.

    We have 2 vacancies, this is serious business as work and is completely paid included trip and taxes.

    Sirius Films is on an expansion process and we are happy to receive reels preferably with publicity work, if not is ok if is on pair with profesional requirements.

    Our Page:

    Our Reel

    Our movie:

    search us on facebook.

    Paid work aprox: from : $1500-3500 per labor day (14-16 hours in real life).

    if selected, you will be contacted and will come days before for a formal presentation, and scouting, then roll on and editing. Room and need expect food outside the catering are covered.

    This is an excellent opportunity to make a career, or improve your frontiers.

    Form: (Please do not exes 5 lines per answer)

    Name: Age: country: Occupation: Time making videos: Why can you direct?: you are more experienced in: what is the strongest characteristic of your work: Descibre yourself: Link to your reel:

    You can post information here or send me and email to or or message me here to personal view.

    Thank for your time and we hope we can find some good talents over here.


    Jonathan Briceno De Luise. Director

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  • @endotoxic

    Never exer use CAPS in title again

    Also - any commercial related topic must be in Marketplace (where I moved it already!)

  • Thanks for the advice.

  • 1500-3500 sol or us dollar? Or other currency?

  • We are still calling! any interest please contact me.

    We have several good talent on this site. already 4 members show their true potential.

    I must clarify seem i lost it in transmation. pay work is per proyect. Pay day involves location shooting day and first edition presentation. Taxes will be paid from our part.

  • Sent you an EM. Hope to hear from you. I'd love to shoot in Peru.


  • Please, Sir,

    Do you have an idea about how many working days the person (director) will have inside each month? This way we can get an average value for the monthly rate.

    Also, will you pay the room / food / transport for living, or we need to pay with the money from the job?

    Thank You

    Best Regards

  • About the money.

    Pay day per project includes:

    Your idea/Devolution of the script to agency or client. (reunion) Location day (accept the scouting from producers) Shooting day with full crew. Editing day. Final delivery is done by us or yourself.

    We pay for you: Food on project times Hotel Taxes Transport

    You get your money free of taxes.

    Depending on project we are willing to pay from 1500 - 3500 dollars.

    If shooting day exes 2 days pay again 1500-3500 dollars.

    If project involves more days we make a package combo with discount you charge less by day but you get more money.

    Projects usually last less than one week.

    Easy. Travel to Peru, eat some amazing food, meet a chick, have some fun, work and take your money to cuzco. Have a good time, go back home, got cash, got reel. Got happy



  • last call !!

    reels accepted till today, we end today.