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The End NR4 - Stable - High - Intra - GH2 Patches - 03/28/2015 - by Apefos
  • The End NR4 - Stable - High - Intra

    Final Work by Apefos as of 03/28/2015

    Best noise reduction matrix. All tweaks from previous apefos patches.

    Solves the Diagonal Rain Pulsing Pattern.

    stable and high versions are GOP3 for 24p, HBR PAL, HBR NTSC and 720p50. GOP4 for 720p60. 720p is I and P frames. Other modes are I and B frames.

    intra version is GOP1 for 24p and HBR PAL (only I frames - intra), GOP3 for HBR NTSC and 720p50. GOP4 for 720p60. All GOP3 recording modes are I and P frames.

    stable: auto electronic features works. In Pal all recording modes are stable. In NTSC the H and FH can be more stable than SH and FSH, but the SH and FSH are better quality. Tip: try using only one or two auto electronic features in SH and FSH in NTSC. Auto electronic features are: Auto Exposure, Auto Focus, OIS image stabilization, iDynamic, iResolution, Noise Reduction. Example: using OIS and idynamic and disable other features in SH NTSC is good idea. If using all features enabled at same time in 720p or 1080i, use the H and FH recording modes. 1080p24 24H and 24L both works ok.

    high: higher datarate but auto electronic features can stop recording in 720p and HBR (try only one feature at a time, example: only OIS)

    intra: auto electronic features can stop recording in HBR and 720p (try only one feature at a time, example: only OIS)
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  • Apefos, thanks for all your work

    Sorry to ask, but (for PAL users, such as me) what's the HBR/PAL like on these?

  • stable and high versions have HBR PAL in GOP3

    intra version has HBR PAL in GOP1 intraframe

  • Patch below is an attempt to make everything intraframe (all recording modes). It is experimental. Feedbacks welcome. screenshoots from streamparser can be useful, including the details box with frames size information.

    the second upload has frame limit adjusted.
  • Question: The above patch is a better version of the setg that i used on my last test ? Or is a total different patch ?

  • About the patches in the first post, I think it is both things, better and different, but not total different. They are final, no need more tweaks.

    About the version intra for all recording modes, it is experimental, more different, under development...

  • @Manicd @icp @frullaccia @producer your tests are helping so much the development. please compare the two versions below in hbr and 720p to perceive which one is better image (both are intraframe for hbr and 720p, but with different matrix and second quantization) try to perceive mud, compression artifacts, mosquito noise, texture. screenshots from stream parser and frame grabs are welcome. thanks.
  • Will test 720p and HBR soon!

    I am now testing Valkyrie, which I just found out does 24p GOP3 at 140Mb.

  • @apefos Intra v1 failed in NTSC 720p both SH and H. It was a memory card speed errror and camera locked. Pulled battery to reset. No data recorded on card for 720p. But HBR recorded fine. I did not check PAL. My card is samsung 64gb with measured sustained speeds of 88 read and 74 write. I will give comparison of v1 and v2 HBR soon.

  • End Intra v2 also failed 720p, memory card speed error, no data written, locked camera. HBR failed at first attempt but did not lock camera. Tried 24p which worked, then tried HBR and it recorded okay.

    Although no point in comparing the footage from HBR. Stock 1.1 video looks better.

  • @Manicd thanks! I also got error in 720p60, but 720p50 PAL is recording and the image is ok after another gop table design. HBR PAL 25p intra is also good image. HBR NTSC30p intra is not so good image, due to more frames and less datarate. I like the V1 matrix most, less artifacts and higher datarate. Now I am trying to tweak the gop tables for 720p50 intra and 720p60 intra to try to make them work properly.

  • It is here: all recording modes in pal and ntsc are intraframe gop1.

    for pal it worth, the image in hbr 25p intra and 720p50 intra are both good and stable.

    for ntsc it does not worth, hbr 30p is stable but the image is not so good, 720p60 stop recording, it does not freeze the camera, but it stop and go back to stand by mode. I did attempts to lower and increase the datarate and change gop table settings higher and lower, but nothing can make it better. for ntsc it is better to use the intra120, see first post in this topic.
  • Last attempts to make the 720p60 intra stable, using same theory from all previous development... fail. Best result gives no freeze, but stop recording after 4 seconds.

  • @apefos Intra1 is slightly better than Intra2. 720 Pal stops recording.

    Also, Hbr Pal Gop 1 in all 120 datarate patches is still not properly working (mud and artifacts), even if better than before. And, sorry, but I don't see any improvement from the 120 datarate 24h patches (page 2 of your previous post) to the last ones.

  • @frullaccia the patches in the first post of this topic are the best ones. The first post where I say: "Final Work by Apefos as of 03/28/2015" They are stable and good quality. When I perceived that I found the good patches in the previous the end topic I started this new topic and uploaded them here for people find them more easy in the first post. To avoid mistakes, they are the correct patches, first post here.

    In the Intra120 there is no way to make HBR PAL to be GOP3 because it shares the same GOP with 24p, so when I set 24p to be GOP1 the HBR PAL also turns into GOP1. I did my best to make the HBR PAL GOP1 to be good quality and stable tweaking the Gop Tables, but maybe the datarate is not enough and if I increase datarate it will become more unstable. So the Intra120 is good for 24p, for HBR NTSC, for 720p50 and 720p60. For HBR PAL the "High" version can be better option because HBR PAL is gop3 on it.

    About the attempt to make all recording modes to be intraframe, I consider it not worth so much. I recognize the datarate is not enough for good quality in HBR PAL/NTSC and also 720p50/60. It was important for me to try to develop it just to avoid keep thinking about it. Sometimes it is good to see a not so good result to understand that it is not possible. Tweaking datarates down or up or tweaking gop tables do not make them more stable. Maybe some people will like the HBR PAL and 720p50 on it, so it is uploaded above, in the last upload: "the end nr4 all intra pal"

    It is over now. Development is over. There is nothing else to do.

  • Thanks @apefos for all your work. So this also removes the digital rain from Premiere Pro CS6?

    I've been using FlowMotion 2.02 for quite a while on my GH2s, but I think I should update to this hack. It does seem like GH2 hacking has come to the end of its cycle at last.

  • @DouglasHorn yes, in my tests the rain is solved.

    I would like all the users give feedback about using these patches, the image quality, stability and memory card being used.


  • @apefos I also think that this camera hacking is almost at the end of its cycle.


    Let me say a couple of words about all these versions. The End 4 is the most complete patch. The 120 datarate version is stable and quite good. But if you are looking for the best picture, than choose from the group of patches that you uploaded in the previous post (I am talking about the 412kb zip file). Those 120 datarate versions are the best, but they are not working (the workflow is not fluid, and it flickers). What a pity! Now, wait! Here we can always find all the Gop 3 versions. And those are even better than The End4 Gop 3.

    Take for instance two of them: Climax 104 datarate and Epilog 104 (which is the best, for me). Match them with The End 104. Aren't they better than that?

    I suspect that Epilog has the top denoise architecture, and, it seems to me, an excellent picture!

    Dear friends, give them a try...

  • @frullaccia so if you want the previous versions they are here with correct settings now:

    in these previous versions the end have different matrix compared to the final the end versions in the first post of this topic.
  • and these are an attempt to make 720p50 to be gop2 in the 104, 120 and 144 versions, and to make the 24p to be gop2 in the 104 version, and to make the hbr 25p to be gop2 in the 104 version.
  • here is the same previous (all of them) in default gops and in gop2 attempts, now with the main matrix 6-36 for all recording modes.

    now all possibilities are here in this topic for tests.

    I hope Panasonic can inspire on this topic for the GH5, LOL!!!
  • Thanks @Apefos. Gop 2 is extremely good, but still not working! Give a chance to it, if possible.

  • @frullaccia try this in 24p, 25p and 50p and show me streamparser screenshots and say what happens when try to record. Then I can try to make it better for other versions.
  • @frullaccia also try this, another gop2 attempt for 24p, 25p and 50p, same report please.
  • @apefos A lot of stuff. I will be busy for a couple of days. But I will give you a feedback as soon as possible! Thank you!

    Consider that I didn' try those patches, where you are saying "here is the same previous (all of them)..."

  • @frullaccia no problem. I do not want to keep doing more firmware upgrades, I already found the version I want to keep in camera. So if someone can do the tests for this pal gop2 showing streamparser screenshots with the frame size details box and reports about camera behavior, then I can tweak it.