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GH2 INTRA Demo: It's Collaboration Time!
  • Guys, its time for me to ask a favour. I want YOU for 10 seconds.

    I would like to put together a demo of the GH2 in INTRA mode to show off various settings for a Driftwood (Vimeo & downloadable) Spectacular to show its capabilities. I would like as many different scenes, lenses, EX Tele, iDynamic, etc...

    The subject matter can be anything so long as it is only ONE scene location and lasts a maximum of 10 seconds. I want a collage of great variety to put together from around the world. Can be landscapes, wildlife, water, trees (groan!), people, whateverthef@ck you want (within reason!)
    You may have already filmed something spectacular which this would be good for.

    But it has to be filmed in ANY of the INTRA settings posted by me or adapted by yourselves.

    So those interested private message (PM) me with a link to your mts & graded file (pro res HQ minimum) - the location, the lens, the extra settings, etc... etc...

    Any titling will be put on by my editor following the details & specs you supply us. Therefore,everyone will get a credit on the footage so no problems :-)

    And take great care getting perfect exposure for the subject required!

    Cutoff date: 10th November 2011. All those willing to take part say 'Aye' below this thread heading.

    Nick Driftwood

    UPDATE: Here is the final ungraded showreel, the graded showreel will be up here on 17th December.


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  • Aye matey! (and we've already more than started - will PM you with links to shots in the coming days.)
  • Aye! :-)
  • Aye! Ill have some new stuff for you not just the boring old landscapes :P
  • driftwood - all of these scenes are lightly color corrected but I've added effects - all shot GOPStoppa b&w in camera - let me know if you're interested in something like this or if you're looking for just unaltered shots:

  • Aye!
    @driftwood Any preference in the video? I have some landscape test I have done before which is pretty nice. But I'm also buying a new Sandisk 45mb card this weekend so when I go visit my niece and nephew for Halloween I can get some ReAQuainted footage of them trick-or-treating. I'm hoping I can capture some great footage with it.
  • Aye!
    what other options do we have to render the graded footage, I work in Sony Vegas
  • @sammy I would prefer a original mts file along with your own graded version in Pro Res HQ/ or whatever output Vegas supports.
  • @driftwood, do you want the raw color ProRes HQ or colored? or just .MTS files
  • @Hallvalla Theyre nice. Try something like youve done for this if you like. As I said - its upto you BUT you only have 10 seconds.
  • @PerryWilson both so we can show a before and after video/s. :-)
  • aye! :)
  • Ok driftwood.
    Sounds like you have a good plan:

    Submit to your private message here by Nov 10th a link to both the original (10 second max) mts and final graded file (pro res HQ minimum).

    Based on the large complexity of your final composition video, I take you want everyone to stick to one cut?
    This way you can have the honor of working the post cuts and create the fluidity yourself.

    If this has been answered above, sorry... I'm freaking tired after a longs days work!

  • @driftwod would you care if I skipped the prores and just gave you a .mts? I don't have any good color correction software, just what is in my very old version of FCP. Here is a link to my Vimeo video, which is a .mts which you are more than welcome to download. As the page says, this was the 220 GOP1, 1/50 shutter, ISO 800.

    I used what is quickly becoming my favorite lens, a Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8. It is soft wide open, but in this video, I have a handmade paper bokeh shaper (oval for an anamorphic look), which serves also (as thin printer paper) to flatten the image towards a mid-tone glow. I think this clip shows what GOP1 is best suited for . . . a very sophisticated/organic lens choice combined with the absolutely stunning grain, which together give a very film-remeniscent aesthetic. (The oval bokeh doesn't hurt either).

    You are more than welcome if you wish to use any part of this clip, and to grade it to taste as a ProResHQ however you see fit. I'll try and get out and shoot some fun stuff, but I've used my 5GB on vimeo for the week, so anything I shoot will have to wait a bit for upload.

  • sorry . . . try this, minus the spaces: 29078933
  • yeah just give mts with any grading instructions if you want.
  • We need new stuff really. Footage that hasnt been seen before from you - if its already on vimeo or youtube whats the point!?!. Be original!
  • Ok, I'll get on it . . . busy editing a wedding, but I somehow always find time to muck around with GOP1 . . . its kind therapeutic :-)
  • Im definately interested.. was around a bit today with your most recent patch. Spectacular lighting this time of year. The only "downside" of that is that there's not much grading to be done. :)
    I'm going to shoot some more, maybe in the end there will be something completely different than the current landscapes but; will mxf format (AVC intra-100 codec) do?
    (I'm exporting from premiere cs5)
  • @driftwood
    Driftwood at the Zoo (raw footage transcoded to ProRes 42)
  • hey driftwood gonna be shooting a few more things and getting them to you soon
  • Gonna be doing a couple shoots as well driftwood. Hey guy's I just finished a quick test with the GH2, uploading to youtube right now man the GH2 is a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the level of detail after I compressed it out of premiere still is intact even after youtube compression it will still hold. I can't believe what I'm seeing for real, we have a true movie making machine in our hands Let's make the best out of it. Thank you soo much @Vitaliy_Kiselev, @driftwood and all others for your efforts for making the GH2 what it is now. Donation Time lol...