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Thoughts on the ePhoto LED's?
  • What does anyone think of the ePhoto LED's? I've been looking at the 600 and the 900's.

    There's a really cool review of them here:

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  • They are not the best lights, but not bad.
    It is made by Chinese factory and rebranded.
  • I havent used these one in particular, but we did use some cheapo LEDs on the set of our last film "Remedy" and they worked fine, except one seemed to be constantly be changing color temperature
  • I've worked with these lights. Beware, they have a greenish cast which cannot be fixed by white balancing the camera. It doesn't bother some people, but others can't stand it. Not good for flesh tones.

    Of course, there's so many rebranded versions, I can't say for sure if the one I worked with is the same as this. (although it sure likes it from the picture).

    Anyway, if you do buy it, make sure you can return it, if not satisfied.
  • You can always put 1/4 minus green to fix the green tinge.
  • The problem is, that throws off the other colors. These lights have a wierd spectrum. Traditional filters are not designed for them.
  • +1. minus green gel + post processing can mitigate the green tint issue but can't completly remove it.