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Varavon GH4 Battery - impossible to charge it
  • Hi guys, I bought by personal-deals the Varavon GH4 battery, but it's impossible to charge it :) I tried for long durations... And paper instructions is really mystery... I searched more explanations on varavon web site, on youtube etc, but I got nothing... If someone has more info ....

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  • The same to me. I bought it via eBay. But they showed no reaction on my complaint. So I complaint via Facebook and I got a reaction. They said, the charger was broken and so my battery is dead and can't be charged. After a few mails they decided to send me a new charger, but I became a new battery and so I still couldn't use the product. With customs I have shot 250 Euros in the wind. Worst customer experience ever. Now I try to get my whole money back. But there in Korea and I am in Germany. I fear they sit out that thing.

  • As I know @gabilourson issue was solved promptly.

    If you buy it on ebay it depends on ebay seller.

  • Varavon has been very good to me with tech support, and responsive.