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GH4 Manual focus being over riden??
  • Hi all.. the clip below shows several issues I've been facing with the GH4 but mostly focus... Having seen some online tutorials it seems manual focus isn't as simple as you've expect ... The following clip had the camera set up for manual focus but, as you'll see approx 40 secs in it starts to hunt for focus (but only then!)..... am I missing something in the menu? I can't explain this ... I've checked and the button at the back was set to MF, although in the menu AFS/AFF is set to AFS and continuous AF is set to on (surely MF on the back overrides all this??)...... as the video shows the subject hardly moved and I never touched the focus ring ... re audio on the video, I'm waiting for the musician to supply a clean audio track!

    Also I'd love some input from others on colours and noise ... This was shot using a cinelike D mode with everything set to 0 and edited in Prem Pro 2014 , If memory serves I was on 800 ASA which is high but I expected better results for the noise ... The "black" bars are not the same black as the black surrounding them on my monitor... I output the clip using the factory preset for Vimeo which presumably is RGB as opposed to 709, so surely the black bars should match the black on my screen?? (the bars are a shade lighter)

    Aside from the focus issue I'd be very grateful for comments / advice / guidance on noise especially in the blacks which are always a bit crappy ..