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Music Video shot with GH2 and BlackMagic 2.5k!
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  • Great job @gardner love it, also love what you did with the GH2 Slowmo. Got a couple questions.. what was your workflow working with the GH2's footage? What Hack version use? Did you use Premiere Pro CS6 to Render footage out to MP4 format? Any Sharpening used on footage? Lastly what lens used? Keep up the good work man Cheers.

  • @TrackZillas Thanks man, and I've been using the Spizz T7 Hack for the past two months. I just interpreted the footage inside Premiere and edited from there. There was no sharpening done for the Music Video and I only used the Voigtlander 25mm, 17mm, and a Nikon 70-210mm ( I believe was the focal length).

  • Lovely footage man the cuts between the GH2 & Blackmagic Camera were seamless.

  • @TrackZillas I used my "Flatness" preset on the GH2 footage so I could match it to the BlackMagic! I could hardly tell which shots were which when I was done.

  • Flatness? What's that?

  • @Gardner Why in this clip on vimeo you wrote in credits 'gh4' ? and here you are telling us that is gh2 and blackmagic footage?

    and the same thing at your clip ''Dogme 95''. Here on personal view you wrote made with gh2, on vimeo it says gh4 and sony a7s. what true?

  • @rezyserzcia Ever heard of tags?