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GH4 Noise
  • Hello, first time posting here, and overall camera noob... I picked up the GH4 to do some promo vids for a clothing line I am releasing soon.. and tested it out all day today... I found the videos to be a little grainy and a little noisy.. I have uploaded 2 videos to youtube linked below. The one titled "madden" was shot in cinema 4k, 24p and was uploaded to youtube from final cut pro x using 1080p. the other video titled "gh4 noise test" was shot using FHD, 24p and was also uploaded through FCPX using 1080p.

    I dont know if its just me... but I see a lot of noise and not such great quality especially on the C4K madden video which is weird. All shots are straight from the camera.. no color grading.. I know the editing and shots arent so great... but i just wanted to upload these to get your opinion... I purchased my gh4 off ebay through what seems to be a camera shop's account and they were running a promotion on the GH4 for $1,399.99 and I am using a Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42mm f/3.5 - 5.6 lens. Please let me know what you think... is it fine and im just overreacting? should I try to return the camera to get a new one?

    MADDEN (C4K, 24p):

    NOISE TEST (FHD, 24p):

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  • What is your ISO set at?

  • The GH4 has to be exposed properly to get the most out of it. Also, you may want to switch to 16-235 in the settings and experiment with the different modes. Many people here use Natural.

  • I don't see no stinking noise. What ISO are you shooting at? I start getting artifacts worse than this above 1200.

  • @acvschwartz ...

    A few points just to be sure you get your settings in the better area?

    Do NOT mess with the "pedestal" settings, and probably best to leave the shadow/highlight curves settings alone for now. Pedestal is only meant to be used when matching black level with other cams in the same shoot ... and can really mess things up at times. This isn't a Log or Raw footage camera, and trying to make it one seems to cause no end of trouble.

    Noise reduction in-cam is ... not well regarded? So is typically left at -3 or below. The GH4 is oft regarded as TOO sharp, so the sharpness is most often recommended at -5.

    If you're using Cine D, probably leave the contrast a 0 or maybe -1, it's already about as flat as this camera handles well.

    Saturation is a thinking point ... shooting Cine-D and gonna be doing some grading in-post? Then somewhere between 0 and -2 to taste. Gonna use straight out of camera, Cine-D? Leave sat at 0 or maybe even + 1 or 2.

    Cine-V is a more contrasty, saturated but still very nice look ... and is one of the main things used by people liking a "hot" look without the need of post for appearance.

    Two other points ... NAIL exposure and white balance in-cam before shooting footage to use! Especially do NOT under-expose this camera, it's better to get a full exposure with a higher ISO than shoot a lower ISO a bit under-exposed.


  • Don't go over 800 iso, Set the noise reduction at 0 or -3

  • Might be a stupid question - but by any chance when shooting in Video mode - is there any difference if you press the red REC button to start/stop video vs. the actual shutter button on the GH4? Thanks!

  • Nope, no difference.

  • It's unforgiving if your exposure isn't really accurate, i learnt the same, was used to less need to be spot on, got frustrated and now use histogram all the time.