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Help with Optex 1.33x Anamorphic lens
  • I just bought an Optex 1.33x Anamorphic lens, back is 58mm. I'm trying to use it with various prime and zoom lenses and everything comes out blurry. Please help, thnx in advance.
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  • @LPowell @EOSHD any suggestions I see that you both have shot with this lens
  • The Optex is a great little anamorphic that can work without vignetting on very wide angle lenses. Its one limitation is that it's focused at infinity and anything closer than 8-10 feet will come out blurry. For close-ups, you can use a large diopter lens mounted in a matte box in front. However, there is a trick with this lens that I've tried and it actually works. If you uncrew the rear plate, you can lift out the rear lens element, turn it around and install it backwards. It will then focus beautifully on close-ups, but will no longer focus out to infinity. Good luck, it's one of my favorite anamorphics.
  • Another thing with these adapters is that they usually needs to be stopped down. I usually want to get it to 5.6 to really make it look good. Also remember a diopter is a good idea. I got the dual achromatic from here:

    It really helps with the lens!