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GH4 wake from sleep with remote
  • I need to be able to get a GH4 wake up from sleep mode and go into record from the mini jack remote socket. I've tried this with the sleep mode set to "on" and have found that I can't wake it up from sleep mode using the remote. I am told there maybe a hack available to circumvent this. I want the camera to go to sleep to save power but then quickly wake up and go into record. Do any of the firmware updates released by Panasonic modify this function? is there hack or another workaround? thanks

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  • i got caught out a couple years ago on the GH2 where it didn't wake up via remote control. But I think it does wake up via Smartphone app if I'm not mistaken. best bet, get a battery grip =) How long are your shots? the GH4 battery lasts about 3hrs maybe more from memory.

  • I am going to have the gh4 powered from an external battery using a dummy battery in the camera, so I am ok for power, yes I could turn the sleep mode off but it would be good to know how to get sleep mode to wake up if anyone knows, i want the battery to last for days if possible, also there is a possibility of the camera overheating if permanently on for several hours or days