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"The Masterpiece" - a short about music and magic
  • Hi!

    We´ve just released our 2012-short to public viewing on youtube and I´d like to invite you to take a look!

    It´s a film mainly shot on GH1 which eventually became hacked. Since we shot additional footage up until 2012 there´s also GH2 material in it. It was a long journey and today we´d of course make a few things better and/or differently.

    Nonetheless we´re very happy with the result. But see for yourselves!

    A few facts:

    • shot on GH1(3), GH2
    • audio recording via H4N + Rode NTG-2
    • mainly Minolta MD lenses, Oly 12-60mm F2,8 and one Vivitar 135mm
    • original score with some stock elements here and there
    • post production on Adobe CS(X), color via Colorista I & II

    As for language: A Persian woman wrote on facebook "it´s so strong you don´t even need to understand the words". Maybe it´s better when you don´t speak German?! :D Anyways, there´s not much dialogue...