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Veydra Cine lenses specifically designed for micro 4/3 mount!!
  • There's a Kickstarter for cinema lenses built specifically for the micro 4/3 mount. Some very respectable names on the video talking about the lenses, especially Matthew Duclos, who helped with the optics design!

    What is Veydra?

    Veydra is a premium cinema lens made specifically for filmmakers using Micro 4/3 cameras.

    Veydra Mini Prime lenses all feature

    • Resolution that exceeds 4K
    • Cinema 0.8 module focus and iris gears
    • Consistent front 80mm outside diameter & 77mm filter threading
    • Similar length for quick lens changes
    • Constant T2.2 aperture for easy lighting set ups
    • Brass plated mounts for durability.
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  • Normally I'd probably not get too excited about this. But Matthew Duclos is involved with it! (Matthew Duclos runs the BEST blog on the internet about cinema lenses!)

    To quote from their Kickstarter page: "6). Matthew Duclos appeared in our video and was involved in the design specification for these lenses. Duclos lenses will offer these lenses for sale/service but is not involved in the manufacture of these lenses."

    So this would at least give me some confidence about the project being successful, though of course like any Kickstarter project it will carry substantial risks.

    But my budget level is still too constrained to get this on a whim. But I can imagine others would, given how very cheap they are going to be relative to other cinema level lenses

  • Yes, totally! Matthew Duclos's involvement is a pretty big deal, to say the least. Dude works on everything from ARRI Master Primes to Angenieux Optimo zoom lenses.

    His personal blog is pretty damn invaluable, too. So much knowledge:

  • What's the reason making a decent m43 cine lens requires a kickstarter project? Given the amount of existing lens manufacturers, what keeps them from making the same kind of lens?

  • What's the reason making a decent m43 cine lens requires a kickstarter project?

    Look at this as marketing research.

  • I think it's a great idea and the price point puts them in the ballpark for a large group of GH4 shooters. I'll be interested to see more tests.

  • T2.2? I'd expect good modern cinema primes to be faster, at least on a smaller sensor format.

  • What is the advantage of creating cinema lenses for m43 when lenses for other mounts can easily be adapted? Personally, as much as I like the m43 format, I wouldn't buy expensive lenses in that format. Better to have lenses more versatile, I think.

  • @douglashorn

    One of the big reasons is very minimal focus breathing w/ cinema lenses like this. This means that as you rack focus, the composition doesn't change. Just try it out with most still lenses out there. As you focus back and forth, there's a slight shift in the entire scene, which can be pretty noticeable.

    I believe even the Rokinons focus breath.

    Here are more reasons to choose cine lenses that have been designed from the ground up as cine lenses as opposed to still lenses adapted for video use:

    "Every cinema quality necessary detail has been brought to reality in these lenses including a smooth 300 degree focus range, constant T Stop, 9 blade iris for a round pleasing bokeh, high quality aluminum housings, plated brass mount for long term durability, 77mm filter threads for easy filter changes, and mattebox compatible 80mm front diameter for all lenses."

    I'd also add more extensive & consistent witness marks (the distance engraved on the lens) that are on the sides of the lens for focus pullers.

  • Yes, precise focus marks because no adapters adding tolerances are involved would be the main reason for a native mount.

  • @fotosiamo

    Yes, but CP.2s are for fullframe, and Cooke minis are for APSC/S35. If we're talking DOF-equivalent f-stop, these are slow. In a market where several companies offer small format manual prime lenses at f0.95, I'd think that at least f1.4 would be doable.

    There's a reason folks use focal reducers and still photography primes like Zeiss C/Y, Canon FD, Nikon AiS. Are they cinema? No. But some of them get awfully close.

    Just playing devils advocate a bit, no hard feelings.

  • They should be small since they are MFT, they're pretty fast at T2.2 and they have 10 blades. Proper built in gears, standardized sizing. I think they're going to be great.

  • Instructions for buying untested gear on Kickstarter:

    1. wait

    2. wait until the lenses are out

    3. wait until the lenses are tested

    4. read about service and warranty procedures

    5. compare the lenses, for example, compare the 12mm to the new Pro fixed zoom or 12mm prime

    6. Buy the best one, based on a comparison

  • @fotosiamo - I think you misunderstood my question. I understand the benefits of real cinema lenses compared to rehoused still lenses. It goes way beyond focus breathing. (Many cinema lenses breathe too.)

    So my question is: why bother making them for the m43 mount? You can mount any lens you want to an m43 camera with an adapter. (But you can't go the other way.) The world doesn't need a set of great cinema lenses that ONLY work for m43. There are plenty of great lenses available. Rent them when you need them along with an adapter.

  • Instructions for buying untested gear on Kickstarter

    You need to make it more general and we put it into some FAQ. :-)

  • @DouglasHorn Ok, I do agree with you on that. It would be great if they are at least a Canon mount and even better if they can use interchangeable mounts like some companies have offer. Micro4/3 is a bit strange for a first time but it may also be the relative cost of its glass compared to larger sensor lenses

  • Today M4/3, tomorrow the world! Hail Veydra!

  • The future for filming with m4/3 is looking bright! The number of interesting cameras with a m4/3 mount is many: JVC GY-LS300, Panasonic GH4 (and maybe one day an AF200 surely??), rumoured 4K Olympus camera, BMPCC, BMCC MFT, Axiom Beta, etc...

    No other mount system can boast such a wide range of support from many manufacturers! Makes a lot of sense to me why they'd make m4/3 cinema lenses.

  • I could see using these on the Digital Bolex with a MFT to C Mount Adapter as well. If they made this for FF Canon the price and size would be way too high for many MFT users. Like DrDave said, Wait, but I am very excited about these things.

  • Sure m43 is good and will only get better with time, but any investment in lens technology should just go into making better mounts and focal reducers. The great glass is all made for bigger sensors. Manufacturers really shouldn't limit themselves to these smaller formats. One of the great things about m43 is that you can put almost any lens on it. That's incredible! Why would anyone want m43 specific lenses when you can rent the real deal elsewhere for essentially the same price?

    The only possible advantages that native m43 cinema lenses could have would that they might be a little smaller than similar-spec large-frame lenses or they could have auto-focus electronics. Neither of these is really an advantage when you're using cinema lenses that require a large setup and an AC or two to use properly.

  • The beauty of MFT is its adaptability. Until more sensors of APS-C or larger are offered in a MFT mount these seem rather dubious investments given the cost.

  • I'm actually very impressed by these lenses so far. I do wish they were APS-C tho.

  • If anyone is going to definitely buy a lens or two from their website before July 31st 2015... send me a PM.