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Is "Peripheral Defocus" works on Hacked Lumix with No Manual Video Mode?
  • I read that several Lumix with no manual video mode has "Peripheral Defocus" which can control the aperture of the lens. Is there any hacked Lumix G2, GF2, GF3, G3, and GX3 owner that could confirm if their Lumix could do "Peripheral Defocus" and "Flicker Reduction" at the same time? Thank you.

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  • As I remember, defocus aka aperture control can be done via Portrait scene mode and can be changed during video recording. Flicker reduction can be set via Movie settings menu and can't be changed during recording. That's how it worked on G3 I owned.

  • Does it means if the Flicker Reduction is activated and peripheral defocus scene mode is selected before pressing the recording button, then both limited shutter speed and aperture control could be gained? Thank you.

  • If both peripheral defocus and flicker reduction setting (shutter speed lock on 1/50, 1/60, 1/100, and 1/120) can be activated in the same time, then two of three exposure component are gained. It makes Lumix camera without manual movie mode could be utilized similar to Lumix camera with manual movie mode. The only different is in the ISO control, which only available to Lumix camera with manual movie mode.

  • AutoISO in movie mode is pain on the G3.. that was main reason I get 2 GH2s :)
    G3 was driving me crazy when it comes to video shooting.. On hacked G3 video quality is much better than stock but it's useless without ability to lock ISO.. G3 produces very noisy video on high ISO so when you shooting in darker environment, it's very noisy.. Older GH2 has reasonable noise on ISO3200, way better detail than G3..

  • I see your point. My conclusion is that we could possibly control the aperture and shutter speed in movie mode, yet the AutoISO will be frustrating in a certain scenario. Therefore, any option other than GH1 and GH2 is not feasible until Vitally introduces new PTOOL Firmware Hack which would deliberate manual control. It has been so quite on the new PTOOL. Thank you JOFO.