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for Sale: Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic
  • Hey Guys,

    Im selling my Rode NTG3 as my sound guy is building his own kit. It is in perfect condition and has been kept in the metal case the whole time when not in use.

    Looking to get $500 but open to reasonable offers. Let me know if you need pics too.


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  • @kevin_kirchman have a look at Ebay... (I think no one here is willing to pay more for a used microphone, than it costs new;-)

  • @kevin_kirchman

    Yep, check ebay. I do not remember seller now buy I got one for like $500 with international shipping included, just using offer (check the listings, one of them have such prices as old BIN in history) .

  • Thanks, my bad guys. I just saw em for new at $699, but I see a lot of older listings for Used/Open Box at $500, so I will go down to $500