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Unable to import some files in FCP
  • I shot this event with a hacked GH1. It went okay, although I had some issues where I would get the high bitrate warning even though I was using the 50 mbit patch. I transferred the footage to my computer and I can view it fine. All the .mts files play fine and the open by default in Toast or with VLC. I have a intel-based Mac. However, when I try to import them into FCP, only certain files get imported. For some reason in the STREAM directory the file 00009.mts is missing (even though the 00009.cpi file exists). So, when I do Log and Transfer, it only imports files 00010.mts and later. I can view the files before that fine in toast and vlc, so I know they're okay, I just can't import them into FCP7, not X. Any ideas?