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Kowa LM8HC full coverage 8mm f1.4 on standard m43 sensor (GF1, EP1 etc)
  • Here is the Kowa 8mm LM8HC on the Gh1. On any of the standard m43 sensors its full coverage.
    Remember that the GH1 is an oversize sensor.
    Gh1 video

    GF1 pics

    Hard to obtain. I took out the rear mount and glued the Super thin C-mount adapter.
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  • Does it focus to infinity? That it covers the sensor is crazy at 8mm F1.4!!
  • I looked at the pics, and I must admit while its amazingly wide I would not call this full coverage. Actually the corners are pitch black, there is also alot chromatic aberation in them.

    This might be ok if you are after this look, but its in no way correctable to a neutral image.

    I am still asking myself if Normal / ETC is the final word, or if we can one day use the part of the sensor we really want to.
  • Did a search and it says this is a 1" CCTV lens. A lot of the other lenses posted in the past seem to be 1/2" or 2/3" so that may be why they cover less sensor BUT..they're also much cheaper. I'm not seeing much prices, but those prices I do see are around $300-400 for this lens.

    There is a 12.5mm model # LM12HC, and that might cover the full sensor, but again...too much money.
  • @Meierhans He stated it was full coverage on standard M4/3 sensors, the GH1/2 have wider sensors.
  • Yes. Thats right, the GHx series have an oversize sensor. I find many lenses to cover the GF1 and vignette on the GH1.
    I would say that the crop on the Gh1 is 1.9x and on the GF1 is 2x. So the Gh1 is 5% wider.

    It focuses to infinity, just make sure you know to hack lenses before you buy one.
  • ah, sorry. did not know this. guess then its a great combination for your pocket ;)
  • @zcream @Meierhans Apparently the GH2s' crop is 1.86x, so that would make sence. Nice lens though! Can I ask where you found it?
  • unfortunately that is nowhere near full coverage
  • Some small internet store for about 350 bucks. I took a risk as someone from Stemmer Imaging told me it had a 22mm sensor coverage.
    @PerryWilson its full coverage on a standard m43 sensor.
    Is anyone willing to test the LM12HC for coverage ?
    Spytown is US-based. So a US-based poster can buy one, test it and return it if needed. Or if spytown has a shopfront, someone can physically check it out. Just take a pic with any c-mount adapter. It does not matter if the lens does not screw in all the way.
    It will not fit an adapter as the rear is similar to the 8mm. However, if someone can post a pic with the coverage, I can buy one, and post a *detailed* tutorial on hacking it.
  • I found a similar lens from Navitar's site:

    I bet it video would look the same...they also have a 12mm f1.4

  • I'm told by a seller that the Navitar NMV8M and Kowa LM8HC are the same lens.