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  • Gini rigs are quite famous already.

    Amazing build quality for cheap.


    Few important things to remember.

    1. BIN prices are mostly very strange, do not buy using them.
    2. Wait for auction of the same item or contact seller directly.
    3. Remember that they have their site with shop now -
    It looks pretty strange with many cloned products, etc, so be sure to contact them first.
    4. If you do not like particular design or need extra items - also contact them directly.

    Overall - same as ThrusMT for follow focuses, Gini is best option is you want really quality item for small price.

    I hope that they will be present on our forum soon, so feel free to ask some questions or write suggestions.
    533 x 800 - 37K
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  • Quite good deal (not looking at BIN, of course) :-)




    Usable rig with their new follow focus (finished version, btw):

    Price: $399 + shipping

    Previous deal went to some member for $399 :-)
    800 x 533 - 35K
    532 x 800 - 30K
    800 x 532 - 30K
  • I got the Gini DSLR Pro 10 version, listed on Gini's website for $270 plus shipping:

    The quality and precision of the casting is top notch, and the rig looks great in action. In addition to my GH2, I mounted a Zoom H4n and a Ruige 5" video monitor to my rig:
  • @LPowell
    Seems like better choise, as price is just slightly higher and it has counterbalance and monitor arm.
  • I was about to buy that rig today but was worried about the reliability of the seller. I trust most of the links you post on here but not having a description of the actual product I would be buying scared me. I did take your advice and contacted the seller. Hopefully I hear something back this coming week.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Yes, that is a better deal. The Pro 10 worked for me since I already had a counterweight box that I used to mount an external battery for the H4n.
  • @Xenocide38

    Gini is absolutly reliable seller.
    As you can see, they can somtimes be strange with prices.

    You can look at
    Or the link above.

    Don't look at the re-sellers badge as many guys purchased this items.
    This korean guys have very strange understanding of marketing.
  • I have the Magic 17. Ordered from Gini1, got it a few days later from UPS. It really blew me away, the quality is amazing on it. I shot a music video where I had the chance to borrow the director's $2500 Swedish Chameleon rig, but I preferred the Gini, using only the mount from the SW (as it had a quick release).
  • @Gabel

    Great to hear. I ordered the Magic 17 as well. Hopefully I have a similar experience.
  • Received my rig yesterday. It's absolutely fantastic. Very sturdy and solid feel and the hand grips are extremely comfortable.
  • @Xenocide38: Glad to hear! I think so too. That rig to me feels like it could cost about 10 times as much and still be good! The handles are great. I love that they are open, as it allows you to put the hands inside to ease strain. The only thing I dislike is the camera mount (as the screw underneath is so large), but that will be changed and adding a quick release.
  • @Gabel: Haha I agree 100%. I have an older redrock rig that I used with my HVX which cost quite a bit and was extremely frustrating. The shoulder pad and mount didn't line up nicely, the screws would never tighten down on the rails enough and it just looked ugly.

    The camera mount on the Gini isn't perfect but I just grabbed the old redrock quick release and mounted it on the Gini. Perfect solution and another reason to hold on to your gear. Stuff can always be repurposed.
  • I don't know to me(maybe its JUST me) they look like Lego Construction toys..... I prefer something like a Cinevate or Redrock micro me these rigs scream -PRO-----
    Too bad I'm so broke all the time.....
    300 x 300 - 9K
    300 x 300 - 8K
  • I loved legos as a kid and if these are like adult legos I'm good with that. Zacuto, Redrock, Cinevate, etc all have products that work but in my mind, they are far, far, far too overpriced for their function.
  • Anyone know anything about the Gini Mini follow focus? I want one.
  • >Anyone know anything about the Gini Mini follow focus in this link? I want one

    It is certainly not cheap purchased separately.
    And it is same old Huco gearbox in new fancy package.
  • I like the idea of a super tiny follow focus for a super compact rig. They seem to be the only one I can find making something like that.
  • I received today DSL-17 MAGIC PLUS and follow focus. This is my first rig so I have nothing to compare to, but I can say that the build quality is awesome. The seller is nice. I actually won PRO-10 auction on eBay, but I started to hesitate and wanted magic plus instead. Seller accepted happily this (I paid extra money ofcourse) and everything went better than expected. Product was extremely well packed.
  • now available in ridiculous color combos :)
    300 x 199 - 10K
  • @Brian202020 Received my Gini rig with the new follow focus. It is as Vitaly says made with the Huco gearbox. It works, some play but nothing that affects the way I pull focus. It is a nicely built thing.

    The only criticism I have is the single rod mount arm it comes with, thing is it adds width to the whole contraption and makes it (almost) impossible to use with short lenses (I used a Nikon AI-S 50mm). I barely solved the problem by using firstly a large JAG25 universal gear ring, and mounting the rod arm in a convoluted manner from rails I had mounted above the camera.
  • Gini is now selling interesting follow focus lens gear:
    500 x 375 - 22K
  • >Gini is now selling interesting follow focus lens gear

    Looks not extremely good.
    It is quite hard to install and not friendly to rubber focus ring :-)
  • I'm having trouble with DSL-17 MAGIC plus and Gini follow focus. I cannot find a way to use it with my Minolta 50mm lens. It seems impossible to place FF close enough to lens gear, because camera mount plate is blocking. Has anyone figured it out?
  • @tonalt

    Unscrew gearbox and reverse FF.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev tried that, it fitted but the FF was vertically ~33 degrees offset. "Works" but it would be nice to get it straight. If you don't understand what I mean, I take pictures later today.
  • I bought the DSLR-17 MAGIC for $289.00. Can't beat it for the price. Very decent built, good packaging, fast shipping... very well crafted piece of engineering (Zacuto rip or not...). Very happy with it.