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GH2 powerplate and dc coupler for GH4
  • i assume the powerplate will work, i assume theres a different dc coupler since gh4 battery is different. Am i assuming all this correctly? and if i am where do i get the coupler for gh4. dolgin doesnt have it. thanx

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  • i find it hard to believe no one has the answer to this lol. come on guys help me out

  • Yes, they are different.

  • Which powerplate do you mean? A normal battery baseplate (for NP-F or LP-E6 batteries for example)?
    If yes - Sure - You can also use it with the GH4 and a new compatible DC coupler.
    Though: I don´t know of a coupler, which also has an internal DC converter for direct voltage feed.
    So: Just use the original DCC-12 coupler (or any OEM copy you can get from Ebay), and use an DC step up converter inbetween the battery plate and the DC coupler (to get constant 8.4V for it). (Or: If you have a direct 8.4V feed from your battery system - Just use that one ^^.)


  • i bought my power plate from dolgin and it uses the sony np batteries. i know i need a new coupler im just hoping i can use the same power plate with all the sony batteries i have. the guy at dolgin didnt know if it would work

  • I have a 7.2 Panasonic powerplate I USED WITH MY GH2. The new coupler I have for my gh4 wont plug into the plate. What adapter cable do I need to do it. Thanx

  • the gh4 dc coupler does not plug into the sony l seies powerplate that worked with my gh2 coupler. wrong size make female ends. what splice cable do i need. please help. thanx

  • Were you able to make it work with your GH4?