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Is there anything "better" than Canon HF G30 in camcorders?
  • Just wondering if anybody still uses the G30 or has upgraded to anything else and for what reason.

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  • Sony PJ790 ?

  • Sony AX100 - 4K, very decent little 1"-er.

  • Well - The AX100 is nice. BUT it also has massive rolling shutter.
    Maybe it´s better to wait a little bit (til other 4K camcorders are out).
    (And the G30 is a good camcorder - So why exchange it? ^^)

    On the other hand, the Sony "Balanced Optical SteadyShot" is quite nice yes.
    (Especially for quick and dirty shots, where the G30 is just "overkill".)
    But I personally wouldn´t exchange a G30 for a Sony PJ camcorder ^^.

    But if you´re interested, check out the smaller Sony models too.
    They are also equipped with the floating sensor stabilisation.
    The PJ420, 530 and 650 for example (beside the 780 and 810 high end models).

    Though: If you REALLY need the better stabilisation (or a smaller camcorder) - That´s up to you ^^.

    Btw.: Check out the Panasonic V757 too. It´s not as professional as the G30.
    And the stabilisation is not as good as the Sonys. But it´s a VERY feature packend and good camcorder.
    If not the best actually in it´s price range. (Easily compareable to the performance of the PJ780 or PJ810!)

  • Considering stabilization - best that I see is GoPro Hero 3+ on Chinese 3 axis gimbal.

    Considering 4K - yep it'll be all 4K since next year.

    All Panasonic camcorders starting from middle line are very good (V7x0 and up).

  • I tried a bunch of them recently and the two finalists were the G30 and the Sony AX100. They are very different. If you want 4K, obviously the Sony. The Canon has a really nice lens--wide, long and bright-- and it is a real pleasure to work with. I sometimes need 15x and the Canon does 20x at the long end. It is wider, longer and faster than the Sony lens, and you will get some nice DOF either at the telephoto end or wide open.

    The Canon is just a smidge better in low light, and it has Canon "color", whatever that is (skin tones have a certain look).

    If I was going to buy one, I would get the 4K Sony. The Canon was more fun to use, and the lens is better for what I need, but the 4K is awesome for panning and cropping in post. If Canon comes out with a 4K model (RU listening, Canon?) I would probably go with the Canon if the promos sensor and lens were similar--it is good tech in this sensor for my stuff.

    OTOH, The Sony outresolves the GH4. That's some serious resolution from a smaller sensor. Oink! Good times.

    Vitaliy is of course right that the Panny's are good--I need one without a fan, and the Canon's have no fan. The fan, if present, is barely audible.

  • Vitaliy is of course right that the Panny's are good--I need one without a fan, and the Canon's have no fan. The fan, if present, is barely audible.

    Fan is present in their top line only. I am not sure about this year models even.

  • Thank you all ! - I am mainly asking because I need to upgrade to shoot Pal 1920 x 1080.

  • Most ppl will not be bothered by the fan, it is only an issue if you occasionally use the cam when it is inches from the mics. The X920 has a fan. The Pannys I used were quite sharp. Some of the newer models do PIP with a second onboard cam.

    If you are only shooting 1920 x 1080 you might be inclined to go with the Canon, but downsampling 4K may have some advantages. Both cams recently dropped the price. Make sure if you buy the PAL version that you can go beyond 30 minutes recording, if you need that.

  • Thank you DrDave !

  • I would also really recommend you try the cams in person. They are very different in the way the zoom and focus and menus work. For example, on the Canon, they finally replaced the cheesy rocker with a big, heavy duty rocker that is much easier to use. The Sony OTOH is more compact.

    If you are just interested in sharpness, the older Panasonics are a bit sharper. The new sensors on the X920 are larger but not sharper. You could get a great deal on an older model.

    Futureproofing: the Sony 4K gives you some futureproofing.

  • Sony just announced the X70, the pro version of the AX100. Adds XLRs, 4:2:2 and a bunch of other stuff, and supposedly the rolling shutter has been way reduced. It will only do 1080p out of the box though (4K with a future firmware update), and I'm sure the price will be near $3000.

  • @aldolega

    You completely forgot another good entry level camera - Sony F55.

  • @DrDave could you drop a few names :-)

  • @aldolega X70 is available via pre-order from the usual sources ...But so far the industry does not care about 4K ... just today I spoke to a friend who's just came back from Ferguson and he's projecting another 3-5 years.

  • Even though I am a small cheese, I am already using 4K. The fact the the 4K remake of Lawrence of Arabia is doing so well means that even three years ago the pros were working on it.

  • ... and when the US internet is on par with Romanian standards :-)

  • Active mode is just software stabilization. Just cool name.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ok, thanks ! ... Seems to be NTSC/ PAl switchable like > 1/5th cost C100 with 18-135

  • BH agent says only NTSC in US :-( ????

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev ... Thank you I got the answer !