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Aputure HR672 - High CRI 95 light
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    The color-rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of
    various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The stunning revolution in HR672 with CRI95+ ensures what you see is what you get. It is perfect for color-critical applications such as fashion, documentary
    and short film in the studio or on location.

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    800 x 554 - 74K
    800 x 468 - 47K
    800 x 488 - 80K
    800 x 466 - 51K
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  • Seems like it´s equipped with the same (crappy) DC port like the other / older models. Though: I´ve the H160 here (with the same RA > 95 specified LEDs) - It´s a quite good light for it´s VERY low price.

    Btw.: There are again three models:

    • HR672W (with 75° beam angle),
    • HR672S (with just 25°) and
    • the HR672C (75° with dual-color LEDs).
  • @Tscheckoff

    What exactly is "crappy" in DC port? And how it can be same on such different panels?

  • Check out the older 528 models (which are using the same 15V DC port)

    There are many reports according the crappy / unstable DC ports (and port defects), as they are using "notebook-style" / "computer-style" connectors (no 2.5/5.5 DC or so for example - Which would be WAY more stable).

    Btw.: Had one of the 528 in the past

    • The DC port is really not the best solution
    • In general it would be great to see more rugged "screw type" lockable DC ports on LED panels. Too bad it´s not a common standard.

    Though: Fixating the cable is helping alot (and ensures that it´s not breaking - at least not that fast ^^).

  • @Tscheckoff

    Show me the reports, please.

    In general it would be great to see more rugged "screw type" lockable DC ports on LED panels

    I am not sure that you understand that you asking, as you asking major problems on the set as anyone who will touch cord accidently will cause light fall, always, and it'll be very hard fall. Notebook connectors are generally made with same idea - round to prevent cord twisting and easy to unplug.

    Best solution is to do exactly opposite, use Mac style mag connectors.

    You can use anything screwed only on TV set.

    P.S. Please start properly format your posts

  • About the DC plug problems / faults - Read it somewhere and heard it in reviews on YouTube.
    (Sure - There are many units out there without any problems - Mostly you hear about the faulty ones ^^.)
    Though: It´s not surprising (as I know the stability of the connector - And similar computer style ones).
    Maybe it´s now better / more stable with the new HR672 - Who knows.

    About the plug: Sure - Dropping of the light is always fatal and a problem (with any port type).
    Though: Even the weight of the cable + the AC/DC adapter is often already a problem with such ports.
    Even a 90° connected 2.5mm DC port would be better (like it´s the case with most other units).
    (Also, because you can modify cables by yourself if you want to - As it´s a DC standard ^^.)

    Btw.: A magnetic holder would be nice yes (to prevent dropping) - Maybe Aputure can ask Apple to get it g.

  • Looks good… any deals on the horizon?

  • Looks good… any deals on the horizon?

    Of course. as it'll be actually available :-)

  • @Vitaliy

    Excellent! (in best Mr. Burns voice)

  • Have these lights solved the flickering that effected the 528 LED? I have been so close to getting those in the past but couldn't deal with the flickering upon dimming or higher frame rates.

  • @Vitaliy: Hmm. Can you maybe ask if the HR672C also has a RA > 95 in tungsten (3200K) setting?
    As: Many lights lacks there (as they only supply high RA ratings in daylight mode or with the daylight models.)

    Would be great to know.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev:

    Any news according the CRI / RA in tungsten mode?

  • Any news according the CRI / RA in tungsten mode?

    What you mean exactly? For fixed color version it is possible via filter only.
    For variable color version CRI must be very close to 95.

    If you looked at spectrums of leds it is usually warm leds that have better CRI.

  • Got today the confirmation from the official Aputure Support:
    Also the tungsten LEDs (of the bi-color HR672C model) deliver a CRI / RA rating over 95 (!)

  • Any easy way of mounting 4-leaf barn doors on these? Or just flagging?

  • You can use thick foil and attach it using screw (to threaded hole on each side).

  • You could just use blackwrap and a couple pieces of gaffer tape.

  • Any chance that the HR672S version will be in the deals?

  • How does this compare to the CN576 light? I would get the YN-600/900 but for the fan.

    CN576 and Aputure 672 also look decent, but CN576 seems to be brighter on specs and lower in cost. Not sure what it looks like compared to one another - anyone know?

  • Just want to add my personal experience with 672W and 672S - they are not color matched. 672S is warmer, and 672W a bit more magenta to the naked eye.

    I have 2x W and 2x S. Each type is fine compared to it's twin, but when compared to the other model is where the issue is.

    When used together it looks ok, but if you were to use the same white balance and use the lights separately, there is a noticeable difference.

    They are still better than the CFLs I have as my house lights (less green) but I was hoping they would be better matched. Did I get a bad batch?

  • @scotchtape It's not really surpsising given that they most certainly have different LEDs. Since they have a high CRI you can propably gel them to match quite closely (add plus or minus green). Are they 100% flicker-free? Got the cn576 set. Very happy with the kit but you need gels to use together with tungsten sources as the included "tungsten" filter is more or less useless (too much magenta).

  • They are reported as flicker free from many other reviewers but I have not tested them for that. I only have some 1/4 CTO gels and nothing more right now. It's just something to keep in mind if you are going to be using them